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BaoFeng GT-5TP Dual Band Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

BaoFeng GT-5TP Dual Band Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie
SKU: 28-120-106-RO

Regular Price: $75.99

Special Price $34.99

Availability: In stock

  • Ultra-high Output Power = 8watt (Tri-Power 8/4/1W)
  • High Battery Capacity = 2000mAh
  • Upgraded Kernel
  • FM Radio and 25 Stations Storage,1750Hz Brust
  • Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Standby, Dual PTT
  • Tri-color Selectable Background Light

Regular Price: $75.99

Special Price $34.99

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Regular Price: $75.99

Special Price $34.99


Product Feature


High strength PC material frame, Dual-PTT button with concave and convex enhanced sensitivity, it's convenient to control and operate for transmitting via different frequency. GT-5TP is professional transceiver with dual-band, dual-display and dual-stand by features, for example, A radio use 435.325MHz, B radio use 145.125MHz, the GT-5TP can receive the signal from A or B radio (dual-stand by), if you need to talk to A radio, just push the upper PTT button, or if you need to talk to B radio, just press the under PTT button, no need to push the A/B anymore.


Dual-Band, Dual-Display, Dual-Stand by and Dual PTT

VOX Function
Hands-free function, Voice automatic transmitting capability, launched operation can be carried out by speaking, no need to press the PTT button manually.

8W High Power Output
Higher output power is the most highlighted function of GT-5TP, which enables longer talking range.

Operating mode setting
U-U, U-V, V-V, V-U 4 mode setting, Calls easier and prevent string frequency.

PL-Tone multi frequency DTMF code
Set multiple frequency on VHF/UHF, and encrypted them, mainly prevent string frequency

Set Up Repeater
Hit your local repeater to extend the effective talking range with sending a 1750Hz tone

Emergency Flash LED Light
Can be used for lighting, or for use as emergency alerting flash light.


Frequency Range 65-108MHz(FM Receive only)  136-174MHZ and 400-520MHZ (TX/RX)
Channel No. 128
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Antenna High gain DualBand antenna
Antenna Impedance 50
Operating Voltage DC 7.4V
Mode of operation Simple or semi-duplex
Antenna : SMA -Female 18 CM
Earpiece / mic type : Kenwood Plug type
Dimension(W x H x D) 132 x 60 x 35 mm (not included antenna)
Weight 238g(including battery, antenna)
Power adapter Input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz; Output: DC10V/500mA; Plug Type: US


Output power 8W
Modulation Mode 16kF3E / 11kF3E
Maximum deviation 5kHz(Wide) / 2.5kHz(Narrow)
Spurious Radiation 7W
Adjacent Ch. power -65dB(Wide) / -60dB(Narrow)
Pre-emphasis characteristics 6dB
Current 1.6A
CTCSS/DCS deviation 0.5±0.1kHz(Wide) / 0.3±0.1kHz(Narrow)
Intermediation sensitivity 8-12mv
Intermediation distortion 10%

Product Details




SK-side Key1/F

SK-side Key2/M





External interface




Indicator light

Knob (power, volume)

Hand Strap

Battery Latch

Belt Clip

Lithium Battery

Battery Contacts

Package Content

1x GT-5TP Radio

1x 2000mAh Li-ion Battery

1x SMA-Female Antenna

1x Original Earpiece

1x Belt Clip

1x English Manual

1x Desktop Charger(EU/US 110-220V)

1x Wrist Strap

1x Packing Box

Operating Environment

With its small size, easy to carry feature, and stylish appearance, GT-5TP is suitable for various wireless communication industries, and is deeply loved by outdoor sports enthusiasts. Besides, it can be widely applied in airports, hotels, large shopping center,entertainment venues, and other industries etc.


Talking Range

The maximum effective talking range is up to 9KM (5.59 Miles) from peak to valley.

Average distance is up to 5KM (3.1 Miles) in open area.

The range is up to 3KM (1.86 Miles) in downtown with skyscrapers.

The above distance is SainSonic official laboratory test data in an ideal environment; the actual talking range should be based on different operating environment.


Customer Service

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Professional Customer Service

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12 months original manufacturer guaranty.


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Baofeng GT-5TP Tri Power
Product is another great radio from Baofeng. I use the product in connection with ARES operations because if I lose it or break it it can be replaced at a reasonable price. The radio operates just as good as a unit that costs far more, I own three Baofeng radios and am very happy with all of them, great improvement to the UV-5R line. Would not hesitate to buy again.
Review by AC /
Five Stars
great little radio, many hours of operation between charges. I ordered an extra battery for that purpose.
Review by AC /
Nice, works well, fast ship Thank You
Review by Bill Griffiths /
As a Price vs. Performance and Feature vs. Price comparison, this is an excellent radio that will get you on the air!
The distributor has provided me with this product free of charge or discounted price for review and feedback based on my first-hand usage of the product.

When I first opened the package and pulled out the radio, the first thing I noticed was the size. This radio is a little bigger than the UV-5xx series and feels very nice in the hand. The Battery is larger and takes up the length of the radio, as it's a 2000mAh battery. The reason behind this is that the specs state this radio will do 8watts!

The first thing I did after getting the radio assembled (Battery installed, antenna screwed on), I plugged the radio into my computer and programmed it with the local repeaters. Using my dummy load and a watt meter, I tested the 8watts output and I got about 6.5 watts max on 2-meters and I was able to get about 6watts on 70cm. While this is not much more than 4watts on the UV-5r, I decided to take it on the road and test the difference between this radio and my FT-252 handi talkie to see how far I could travel and still be able to hit the repeater. More on that in just a moment!

Testing the radio before heading out on the road, I first noticed the speaker.. this is so much louder than any other Handi Talkie. I have and it is crisp and clear. This should be a great advantage while out in a noisy area, as you should be able to hear anybody calling. What I also found nice, was the push to talk button... If you push the upper half of the button, you'll transmit on the A-band, and pushing the lower half of the button will transmit on the B-band! This makes it very easy to return a call on either band or frequency that you are monitoring!

So, after I replaced the stock antenna with a larger Nagoya antenna, I was off to the car for a distance test. 5-Miles from the repeater and both radios are hitting just fine. about 10 miles out, the 5 watts is starting to get noisy, the GT-5TP is still doing well. about 15 miles out from the repeater and the FT-252 is no longer hitting the repeater and the GT-5TP is hitting it, but with some noise. When I got about 18 miles away, I was no longer able to hit the repeater. From this test, I was able to conclude that 6.5 watts vs. my Yaesu, which really only puts out about 4watts, does increase the range a little. My audio reports were actually well, as I was told that my audio was very clean and sounded loud.

After I got home, I went through other features and options. The FM radio works well, battery life was great! The flashlight seemed brighter than the one on my UV-5R. The radio included an earbud with mike, as with other Baofeng's, it works, but not great sounding. Also included was a cigarette plug/charger. I was happy to see this and than I realized that you have to still use the base, as the charger does not plug into the radio. I would love to see a car charger and charging port on these radios.

Final thoughts..... Great little radio for the price. I love the loud speaker, I love the audio reports that I have gotten, battery lasts a pretty long time, feels nice in the hand, after reading the manual, you'll find it pretty easy to program manually, if needed. This is my 3rd Baofeng and I really like these little radios!

If your always out hiking or biking, the extra couple watts can make a difference as to hitting or not hitting a repeater. I like this radio.

Review by Matthew /
BaoFeng GT-5tp
Very well made Portable Radio and for the Price it is a hard little radio to beat.......the only draw back with any of these type radios is learning how to understand the Menu Functions with there available settings.....and how to program it .....if by using Menu it may take a little getting use to which sometimes can be good for the Operator to learn......if you don,t have time for that then get get software and cable to program it by computer
Some neat features with this radio is the duel use of the PTT button, the FM radio,the Flash light and the back lite of the key pad...if anyone wants to match there Harley motorcycle with a look a like Portable this is the one for you......as to the specs. I have not tested them but it works well on local repeaters and simplex with a little mag mount auto antenna......good luck and enjoy
Review by David Hsu /
Great radio!!
After testing the GT-5TP for several weeks, I have compiles the following list, when comparing this radio to all of my Baofeng radios (UV-5R, GT-3TP, UV-5X and BF-F8+)

Larger battery clip. Actually fits most belts.
Larger radio (feels less like a kids walkie talkie)
Dual PTT button <-- Awesome!! Simply awesome.
Semi-Flexible antenna
3 Tx power settings (1/4/8W)
2AHr battery
Included ear microphone
Better audio than UV-5R.
Larger raised volume knob
Larger buttons on keypad.

Battery release is close to the PTT. Easy to confuse.
SP/Mic access panel is not removeable, and is fairly ridgid. Would have preferred one like on the UV-5X.
Not currently setup in Chirp. Had to use UV-82HP.
Ear mic buttons stick often while in use.

Overall, this is a great radio, at a cheap price. It includes many features that set it apart from the stock Baofeng UV-5R config.
I would definitely recommend this as a great starter or everyday radio. I like using Baofeng radios due to the simplicity and larger user base, making troubleshooting simple. The low price of these radios is simply icing on the cake!!

Keep it up Baofeng!
Review by Ryan Q. /
Still the best deal in amateur radio.
Since the first BaofengPofung amateur HTs appeared on the market the manufacturer has been doing continuous, incremental, improvements. Each new version brings some small but noticeable improvements. Some are cosmetic, some are functional. The GT-5TP has a mixture of both.

First, it's larger than its predecessors, with a bigger keypad that is easier to use.the increased size also accommodates a larger battery with a greatly increased capacity- 2800mah vs 1800mah. The chassis now appears to be cast, rather than stamped, which implies better heat sinking ability, something that's needed with the increase power output of 8 watts. The maker also states the the firmware has been updated, and while I have no way of verifying that, it is certainly one more improvement.

At $49.95, the price is still about the lowest of any dual band HT on the market, making still probably the best deal in amateur radio.
Review by Michael J. Edelman /
Great radio for the price!
Disclaimer: “The distributor has provided me with this product free of charge or discounted price for review and feedback based on my first-hand usage of the product."

This radio is actually quite nice. I have found it works exceptionally well and I am able to hit most of the repeaters in my area on Medium power (5 Watts ) with the standard antenna. The menus are not difficult to navigate and the squelch seems to function better than on the other models. I also own the 5R, UV82, and GT-3TP. This little radio is about the same size as the UV82 with the same dual switch PTT button However it has the extra punch of the GT-3TP. The menus and software are the same basic software that seems to come with all Baofeng radios. The software is difficult to use so I would suggest using CHIRP for programming.

The signal reports I received stated that the audio is very clear, even on some of the further away repeaters. On 8W I was able to get into a repeater about 25 mile from me in city conditions. All in all this is one of the best radios to come from Baofeng yet.

I would recommend this radio for any HAM operator who needs a good portable unit.

Review by Paul /
Great radio for the price!
Disclaimer: “The distributor has provided me with this product free of charge or discounted price for review and feedback based on my first-hand usage of the product."

I received the Baofeng GT-5TP about a week ago. First thing I noticed was how solid it felt. I own 2 other Baofeng radios and this one definitely feels a step above. I would say it feels more like my Wouxun then a Baofeng.

After charging the 2000mAh battery that comes with this radio I checked the transmit power with a Daiwa watt meter going into a dummy load. On low power I was getting 1½ watts, medium power 5 watts and high power 7½ watts. The power seems good but what would it be like in a real world situation?

I decided to use this radio to check in on our local ham radio net located on a 445.240 repeater. I was indoors using the supplied antenna. On low power I hit the repeater but had a lot of background noise. On medium power I had light background noise and on high power, full quieting. The extra few watts definitely helped me out. I had the same results on simplex. I like the duel frequency push button, it made working and listening to 2 repeaters at the same time easy. Having a duel frequency, high power radio should make working satellites with a portable antenna easy and fun.

With moderated use at high power I was able to use the radio for 3 days before it needed recharging. This is better than any of the other radios I use.

The manual that comes with the GT-5TP actually made sense. It wasn’t like reading a bad translation but one written in English. Programming the radio is like all the other Baofeng radios, a pain. I used a free program called CHIRP for easy programming of the GT-5TP using the UV-82HP dropdown setting. Another feature I like is the lighted keyboard. This makes programming or changing menu items easy.

I own several Baofeng radios because they are cheap and they work well. If I drop one and break it, who cares, I’ll just throw it away and buy a new one. On the other hand the GT-5TP seems to be a well-built radio with many features not found in other Baofeng radios. For about $50.00 this radio is one of the best buys in the Ham Radio HT market. I believe you will have to spend a lot more money to find a radio better than this one. My Ham Radio call sign is WB6MAX. Thank you for reading my review.
Review by Max /
Great radio
I love the size of this radio and the fact it is easy to program very well packaged sipping was fast also got it earlier then expected the gt-5tp is small in size but big in power the battery last for a good long time I also have the uv5re and the uv 5ra good littel radios but i think the gp 5tp is a bit better thank you for the great work there 73 KB1PYH “The distributor has provided me with this product free of charge or discounted price for review and feedback based on my first-hand usage of the product.
Review by CHARLES /

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