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Merry Christmas


No matter if you want to buy yourself a new radio or looking for a New Year gift for your ham buddies or family, these top-picked products can be a good choice for your holiday gifting.

Check out the most popular radios & accessories at in 2021!

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🎉 Handheld Analog Radio of The Year

NO.1 Baofeng GT-5R

"It is still a distinctly economy model, and the offerings from the major brands will still offer a superior user experience - but it is at least legal to use. If you, like most new hams, have no means of testing this parameter, this version will let you use a very inexpensive radio with some confidence that you are within your license privileges."

NO.2 Baofeng UV-5RX3

"I have to say I'm impressed with it. It has the classic uv-5r plus design and impressive loud speaker. It transmits a nice 3.8 watt / 6.8watt on 2 meter, 1.0 watt / 3.8 watt on 70 cm and 1.5 watt / 5.8 watt on 1.25 meter. If you like the standard uv-5r but are looking for something to transmit 1.25 meter then for the price and quality I would say don't hesitate just buy it."

NO.3 Radioddity GS-5B

"Love this radio. Real sensitive receiver. I Picked up my local repeater inside my vehicle with no external antenna from sixteen miles away. Really like the blue tooth programing (after a learning curve of downloading to my android. Make sure to give your phone browser permission to download APK files)."

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🎉 Handheld Digital Radio of The Year 🎉

NO.1 Radioddity GD-77

"Far better than I expected. This is my third DMR radio and 2nd HT. I have not found it necessary to switch to OpenDG77. I really like the slim case and clear/loud audio. As a result, this unit is now my favorite. It’s low price and stable performance makes it a clear winner. CPS and current firmware showed no glitches."

NO.2 Baofeng RD-5R

"I already have the Radioddity GD-77 and wanted a radio I could carry around in my work truck and use on my lunch breaks. The RD5R seemed like the perfect fit.If you're already familiar with Baofengs, you'll be right at home with this radio. If you're familiar with the GD-77, you'll be right at home with the programming software. It's practically identical."

NO.3 Radioddity GD-77S

"I use these in our manufacturing facility as theft and destruction are high with the hundreds of radios on the floor. The price is right, the battery life adequate for a days work and it's simply made.They are a bit quiet for a manufacturing facility but a lapel worn speaker-mic helps, or an ear piece. Other than that these are really good radios and easy to program."

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🎉 Handheld GMRS Radio of The Year 🎉

NO.1 Radioddity GM-30

"Radioddity Radio's are Very Very Nice, firmware features other HAM hand-helds don't have are twice the price. BUT, the LED Display is So Bright White will Blind You in Low Light or Darkness."

NO.2 Baofeng UV-9G

"Great value for the price considering it’s waterproof that’s proof and has a removable antenna. I bought two and had an issue with one of the radios and contacted customer service. Nora was quick to get back to me via email and Do a quick troubleshoot and then do what was needed to send me out a new one, great customer service."

NO.3 Baofeng UV-5G/X

"Fully compatible with UV-5R parts, except the antenna is SMA-Male instead of SMA-Female. Kind of wish they would offer a single unit option, but the price is not too bad either way. Chirp had no problem working with the radio either."

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🎉 HF Transceiver of The Year 🎉

NO.1 Xiegu G90

"Have been using the G90, CE19 interface and XPA125B for a few months now and I am very happy with my purchases. Absolutely perfect radio for FT8/4, JS8call, and other digital modes. Great for CW and Phone as well. Feature rich at a perfect price point. Can't ask for much more for a less than $500 rig."

NO.2 Xiegu X5105

"I use this QRP radio for Parks on the Air (POTA) activations and have received only positive reports on both readability and signal strength. Most recently I took the radio on a backpacking trip where I carried it for 38 miles of back country hiking and made two successful POTA activations. The internal tuner and internal battery hold up great and allow for operation in a wide range of environments."

NO.3 Xiegu X6100

"It's a cool looking radio, and a compact HF radio def has its appeal."

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🎉 Mobile Radio of The Year 🎉

NO.1 Radioddity QB25 Pro

"I use this as a base station. It's fantastic! I constantly get unsolicited reports that my rig sounds great. Easy to program with CHIRP but I find the factory software to be just as easy for almost everything and faster. However, for modifying memories CHIRP is the way to go. Worth every penny."

NO.2 Radioddity DB20-G

"If you deep dive into this radio you will learn how great it really is. The repeater capabilities are that of much more expensive radios. But if you just want an out of the box GMRS radio this is still the radio to get! The size is that of a micro mobile but with the versatility the blows any of the Midland radios away. I matched this radio with a Nagoya UT-72G High Gain Magnet Mount GMRS & MURS Antenna (462-467 & 151-155 MHz) and all I can say is WOW! Just make sure you get a true Nagoya and not a fake. There are those that say this is an AnyTone clone, but Radioditty put their own special sauce in this radio.Great job Radioditty! I already ordered a second radio..."

NO.3 TYT TH-9800 Plus

"I bought this radio to access local 2m and 70cm Amateur Radio Nets in my area. I use the radio with a homebrew 5 element 2m Yagi-Uda antenna at my base station and at the "High" power setting, I'm able to hit repeaters 17 & 23 miles away, 70cm & 2m respectively. I also routinely take my radio mobile and with a Nagoya UT-72 mag mount I've hit repeaters 40 miles away at "High" power.I use the Cross-Band repeat function multiple times a week and it's worked very well for me. So summarizing, I've owned my TYT-9800 for over a year and so far I'm impressed by the performance of this radio."

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🎉 Accessories of The Year 🎉

NO.1 Radioddity RD-771
NO.2 Radioddity RD-701
NO.3 Radioddity RD-301

NO.1 5R Series 3800mAh
NO.2 5R Series 1800mAh
NO.3 GD-77 Battery

Baofeng Cable
NO.2 PC001 FTDI Cable
RD-201 Win10 Cable

NO.1 UV-5R 6-way Charger
NO.2 /
NO.3 /

NO.1 Baofeng Speaker
NO.2 RS24 Speaker
NO.3 Mobile Speaker