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Radioddity - Xiegu G90 CAT and Digital Modes V1.0

As you know, we not only sell radios, but also provide support to our customers. Often Xiegu G90 customers asked us about CAT control and digital mode operation with their G90. This was reason enough for our engineers to put together a document that includes all those bits and pieces required to successfully CAT control your Xiegu G90 and become active in digital modes such as FT8.

What can you learn from this document?

1. Explanation on vocabulary such as IO-port, CAT, CE-19 and OpenSource
2. How to connect your Xiegu G90 to your PC using the blue USB-cable
3. Easy CAT control using an OpenSource solution
4. required settings for PC and Xiegu G90
5. Xiegu G90 CI-V implementation
6. Details on some of the possible digital data modes
7. Software for CAT control and digital data modes

Download your personal copy at:

CLICK HERE to download the "Radioddity - Xiegu G90, CAT and Digital modes V1.0"



  • Lloyd

    Nice tutorial, clears up what the G90 inadequately addresses. Thank you!

  • Wes

    Ve4y nice document. I have set up my G90 with a PC to operate on Winlink/Vara. Built my own cable, works very well. Now with CAT control I will implement BPQ32.

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