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Programming Service

From now on, you can get FREE programming service from Radioddity via the following methods:

Method 1. Radioddity helps program the radios and repack them to ship out from China.
Method 2. Radioddity provides you programming code plug (.rdt file) according to your requirements (recommended).

Available Models:
Radioddity GD-73

FREE for now

Legal Disclaimer:

1. This service only works when you contact us for programming service and confirm all your requirements.

2. Programming needs extra 2-3 weekdays of handling time. It will also depend on the complexity of your needs.

3. Please kindly note that the programming result may not be 100% as what you expect. It will depend on how detailed and feasible the info you provide.

4. For method 1, radios will be repacked again after programming. Radioddity promises all the products are brand new and unused.

5. All rights reserved by Radioddity.