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Alignment of Radioddity CB Antenna for the Best Performance

Out of the box (without any special alignments) the sweet spot of the antenna is somewhere within the 11m band (e.g. 26.490Mhz) and it has already an acceptable SWR.

As you know the SWR is depending on various parameters such as the way the antenna cable is routed or bend, the humidity and a few more environmental aspects and of course the frequency used. So, for 11m HF, even a value of about 3 is not top-notch, but acceptable. However, antennas may be aligned for even better SWR.

In order to align our CB Antenna for best performance, you will need either an antenna analyzer or an SWR meter. The measuring device should be capable of measuring SWR within the 11m (27MHz) band. Furthermore, you will need the 3mm Hex Allen Key that came with your antenna and an optional 3mm Hex Allen key.

Our engineers described the complete alignment procedure in very detail within this document.

CLICK HERE to download.

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