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Amateur Radio Book Sharing - Holiday Season

Winner Announcement

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual ↓↓↓

1. From Cory S. to Brain B.

"I got this book as a present, after I had already purchased my own study guide and passed the test. It's in brand new condition! You can do it!" -- Cory

"I've wanted to get into ham radio operations since I was a kid...ive got my life in a position where I can..but with having a almost 2 year old toddler and and this covid 19 thing going on i only work part time and trying to pay my bills and take care of my little one has made it hard on me...I really want a book to study to get my license..would make me very happy. I would appreciate all that you can do for me to help me along in getting my license and I thank you very much." -- Brain

2. From Jack R. to Tony L.

"I bought this book right about the time I decided to get into the hobby and earn my technician license. I used it along with to earn my tech license. I learned most if not all of the basics required to pass the tech test from this book. To the winner of this book.I wish you the best with starting your journey in the wonderful hobby of ham radio. I hope this book provides you with the information you need succeed in passing your technician license test. Good Luck" -- Jack

"Our local HAM group NARA1 are such a great group of guys. I need to help out in the best way possible, by taking the Level 1 exam and adding my name to the list of able radio amateurs in our community. The ARRL License Manual is just what I need. When I have finished, it will be passed to the next ham who needs it. " -- Tony

3. From Joseph V. to Joe N.

"I bought this to study for the General before I was licensed since I knew I’d pass Technician easily. I passed General the first exam session and then passed amateur extra on my second session a month and a half later. I hope this book opens or expands the world of amateur radio for you as it do me. I hope this brings you all the joy it has brought me."  -- Joseph

"I currently hold a technician ticket and would like to upgrade to general in order to expand my range of experience and work more HF. I own an HF radio but I am unable to use it until I buy or build an antenna. My preference is to build the antenna so I understand it’s function in a more complete manner. When I obtained my technician rating my 10 year old daughter and I built my first antenna for 2 meter / 70 cm and it worked perfectly. Fun lesson for old and young people. I really appreciate the opportunity to have the materials needed to gain knowledge and experience in ham radio. Passing on the knowledge from experienced hams is one great aspect of this hobby. 73! KG7WPP "

4. From Tim P to Alex A.

"Used this manual to pass my General a few months back, hope it helps you pass too! Your General license is in reach, go for it and im sure youll get it!" -- Tim

"As a Technician for 3 1/2 years i want and need to expierance all that Ham radio offers.iam a man of little means atm, but in the spirit of ham radio operators we adapt and create ArrlAntenna handbook and the general class lic manual would be just what i need to fullfill my Bucket list ty 7 3 to all.

Most certainly, thank you for your generacity this program is and will inspired many like my self to continue in this wonderful Hobby that educates and in many cases safes lives thank you so much alex alonso 7 3 " -- aLEX


5. From Nariman F. to Charles M.

"I got it to study along with my radio prep so I can get my license AARL still make the best book for getting your license." -- Nariman

"Just starting out with ham radios with my son who is in high school. Being a new person to ham i am grateful to those that have helped me along my jurny. " -- Charles

6. From Nariman F. to John H.

"I bought it with the intent to get my license but never did. I hope this helps some one with passing their General license. " -- Nariman

"I have purchased radios from Radiodidy and have many now. But now I need to obtain my licences to operate them legally.

Thanks to all of you who are participating In this give away. If there were more people doing this very thing in different avenues of life, just imagine how many people could advance themselves! Especially in times like these were every penny has already been assigned to our debters! Thanks again for caring to get involved!" -- John


The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications ↓↓↓

1. From John L. to S Gagne

"This is the reference guide for all hams. Ham radio is a great hobby. I have given away 20 Canadian Basic Study Guides to help new hams get their license. The ARRL handbooks contain a lot of practical information in getting a station set and building antennas." -- John

"Heard good comment on this book and would like to certify by studying it. " -- S Gagne


2. From Harlan H. to Robert B.

"Bought it for the projects and electronics theory. Have fun on the air!" -- Harlan

"I was an electronics technician in the Air Force repairing & maintaining long range radar sets. I love everything to do with radio communications and electronics. I have a General Radiotelephone Operators license in addition to my recent Technicians Ham Radio license.
My ham call sign is KC1OAB. Ham radio characteristics are much different than radar. I like to read and learn new things!
What a great gesture for the ham radio community! Thank you so much!" -- Robert

3. From James K. to Lorrain, Paul M., Ronald M., Gerg and Eric H.

"I get handbooks every year, but I am running out of space. There’s lots of good basic information in these books...and lots of great ideas" -- James

"My dad was a ham operator and I am interested in learning about it . Thanks for your generosity in providing education for those who don’t have big money to invest !" -- Lorraine

"As a new HAM (June 2020), I am interested in learning more about the physics and phenomena that make radio so useful. Any of these titles would be helpful to grow that knowledge. Thank you for the consideration.

Dear book provider,
Thank you for the willing contribution you are making to further not only my knowledge of this hobby, but others as well. I learned a long time ago that one of the best ways to learn something is to share that knowledge with someone else.

K9PVM - Paul"

"One can never get too much knowledge. If there's something to learn each day, then don't ingore it. What ever I get is much appreciated. Thank you 😊" -- Ronald M.

"Licensed in May - so a newbie - looking to explore an learn all I can about this hobby. Sure youtube has lots - but need a deeper/broader understanding. Many thanks - and I hope to find this as informative as you may have, and down the road I'll continue the interchange of knowledge with subsequent generation to keep our Amateur radio craft relevant. Heartfelt thanks." -- Greg


ARRl Antenna Handbook ↓↓↓

1. From John L. to Andre P.

"Without an antenna the radio will work not as advertised. Antennas are easy to make and will enhance your radios enjoyment. Enjoy the antenna building and I will pass on the gift to a new ham furthering the goodness." -- John

"I would like to get into satellite tracking and building my own antennas would be my entry point. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!" -- Andre

2. From William D. to William H.

"I purchased this book to expand my knowledge and understanding of antenna theory. An excellent source of information in that regard. Hope you get as much out of this great publication as I did. 73" -- William D.

"Thank you this book is gonna help us with many projects." -- William H.


The ARRL Operating Manual For Radio Amateurs ↓↓↓

1. From Michael B. to Don D.

"This book is a complete guide to Amateur Radio operating. It covers all of the fun and exciting things about Ham Radio including contesting, DXing, emergency communications, digital and satellite operations and so much more! This will be a great addition to the library of a budding ham radio operator as they build a station they are proud to operate!! Hey I hope this book brings you much joy as you begin this wonderful hobby of Ham Radio!!! 73 Mike - N4STL"

"I have been a ham since middle school. I worked with Red Cross, AREC, and RACES on emergency training and realities. I was quite proficient as a net control operator. I have not been very active in ham radio over the past years while raising my family. I want to get active again, but could use some coaching so I don't trip over myself. I seem to be the prospective Elmer for several other new hams in my area, but need a kick start myself. I love to read, and to apply what I learn. Thank you for sharing of your knowledge through books, read and assimilated. This helps keep the ham radio spirit of cooperation and working together alive." -- Don D.

Power Supplies Explained ↓↓↓

1. From William R. to Leonard F.

"I purchased this book to gain a better understanding of power supply theory. An excellent resource. I hope you get as much enjoyment from this book as I did. " -- William

"I am a Lic. General and I live on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. I want to learn about Antennas and power supplies so that I can help other Hams build antennas to improve communications here in the Islands. The terrain is mountainous, and comms are difficult at times, especially after storms that destroys regular infrastructures. Ham radio becomes critically important to get the assistance to where it is most needed, as early as possible.

I appreciate your willingness to share with other fellow Hams. This is what Amateur Radio is all about...helping each other. Thank you, and May God's Blessings be yours." -- Leonard


Radio Amateurs of Canada Hamstudy Basic 2017/2018 ↓↓↓

1. From Andre P. to Phil

"I bought the book in order to write my exams so that I could legally operate the video downlink on my radio controlled aircraft. You're entering a lifelong hobby with wonderful members." -- Andre

"I would like to get this book to be legally allowed to use the amature bands in vhf. Thanks so much for this opportunity! This goes to show how open and helpful this community is!" -- Phil



Do you have any ham radio books that are no longer used (antenna books, current study guides and other ARRL books covering different aspects of Amateur Radio)? We beg you have if you’re with a General or Extra class license. Do you want to exchange it for a new radio? It’s the time!

A: What and how many radios/rewards will I possibly get?
- Analog Radio | We recommend Radioddity GS-5B per person
- Digital Radio | We recommend Baofeng DM-1701 per person
- License-free Radio | We recommend Radioddity FS-T2 per person
- Emergency Radio | We recommend Raddy SW3 Emergency Radio per person
- Radioddity Ham Mug per person
- Any other radio/accessory we have (depends on our inventory) per person
- It would be much appreciated if you don't need a reward, we'll send you a Gift Card per person.

The quantity will depend on how many people involved.

Q: What will my books be used for?
A: Your books will be sent to the newcomers to the Amateur Radio Service, either helping them passing the license test or mastering more knowledge of amateur radio.

Q: How to process?
A: We’ll see how many books we can collect first, based on which we’ll make giveaways for people who need a certain book. Winners will be picked at random.

Q: Who would send the books to the winners?
A: Yourself. Due to the international shipping fee is super costly. We aren’t able to collect all the books and we need your help to send the book to the selected winner. We’ll share you with the winner’s shipping info.

Q: Okay. What can I get?
A: In return, those sharing with others will get free radio rewards from Radioddity. For those new to the ham world, they will receive books on areas of Amateur Radio they have an interest in, while being welcomed into the ham community. Indeed, it's the true ham radio spirit!

Q: How to redeem a reward as a book sharer?
A: When the book is shipped, and you provide the tracking information to Radioddity, your reward will be processed for shipment.

Q: What about different counttries?
A: We'll try our best to help match the right peroson & requirepemt for your book in the same country.

Q: What if my book isn't selected to send?
A: We thank you for your time and joining in. As apprecaition, we'll send you a $10 giftcard.

Q: I want to share a book! How to join in?
A: The sharing form is ended, we look forward to your next participation.


  • Mary Clore

    I purchased 7 GS 5B units to give to family members as gifts, allowing a means of contact in case of emergencies, or internet/power outages. I am wanting to learn how to set up for the family members, before they get here, but the info is deep, and I have often fell into a rabbit hole of distraction, or complex detail that I am not familiar with. I would LOVE a book on Ham licensing test, and/or any book that will explain the details of how to best utilize these radios. Thanks in advance!
    Mary Clore
    (In Rural Indiana)

  • Daniel Roman

    I would love to win a book because I’m brand new to ham license and I’m trying to take the test please help me I need all the help I can get



  • Paul Zenkowich

    I would like to get a book to study for my general exam. Thank you! Paul

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