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CPS&Firmware 1.01

Firmware changes:

1. When the channel number of the zone is greater than the number of channels in the next zone, the switching zone will jump back to channel 1 at this time. If there is less than or equal to, it will jump back to the same channel. For example, zone 2 (16 channels in total) is on channel 16, switching to zone 1 (15 channels in total), then switching to channel 1;Conversely, zone 2 is now at channel 10, switching to zone 1, and it will jump back to channel 10.
2. DCS/CTCSS bug: Solving the problem that DCS/CTCSS is inconsistent with other Analog two way radios.
3. The default step is changed to 2.5KHz, and all frequencies can be displayed by dividing 0.0025MHz.
4. 'FreqDis' in the menu is changed to 'Display', the next level of 'on' is changed to 'Frequency', and 'off' is changed to 'Name'.
5.'Display' is placed in the submenu of 'Others'.

Software changes:
1. The default VOX is checked, the VOX option in the channel is hidden, and the VOX is selected on the programmable button to control the VOX switch.
2. 'FreqDis' in the General Settings is changed to 'Display', drop-down options 'Frequency' and 'Name'.

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