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How to Connect GSOC to Your PC via Bluetooth

GSOC does not have a built-in Bluetooth adapter, thus users need to prepare a USB Bluetooth adapter first. The recommended model is CSR8510 A10.

GSOC Settings:
Plug the USB Bluetooth adapter to any USB port of GSOC.
Click the connecting icon showing on the screen (the icon content is OFF LINE/G90 ONLINE/CAT ONLINE ) to pop up Bluetooth setting interface.


1. Turn on Bluetooth
2. Click SCAN to find the Bluetooth device list.
3. Click Connect/Disconnect button in the device list to connect/disconnect.
Note: For the first time connection, you need to allow the connection on you PC.

PC Setting:
Operating system Windows 10 x64, PC is with built-in Bluetooth.
1. Settings ->Bluetooth & other devices -> Turn on Bluetooth function


2. Settings ->Bluetooth & other devices -> More Bluetooth options


✔ Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC
✔Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect

3. Click COM Ports


The GSOC BT ‘Serial Port’ is the correct port (COM8 in the image above).

Connecting Software:

At present Ham Radio Deluxe does not support Bluetooth port, we recommend you use flrig

1. Software Settings & Ports



1.1 Set the data as the image above.

1.2 Click Init button to finish the Bluetooth connection.

Note: Due to uncertain factors such as the delay of the Bluetooth serial port, signal-to-noise ratio and other uncertain factors, occasionally unsuccessful situations may occur during the connection. At this time, just click the Init button to try again. If the error is still reported, please try closing flrig and repeat the above process

2. Connecting Interface



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