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How to Manually Program The Radioddity GA-510 from Keypad

Radioddity GA-510 is a dual-band tri-power handheld radio based on a new generation chip with up to 10W of high power output. In addition to multiple functions like SOS, 3 ways of scanning, vox function and dual-watch display, it also supports manually programming from the front keypad.

We find the GA-510 manual has instructions for manually programming channels that are not very easy to follow. The steps below should help:

The sequence that the manual overlooks are the Menu key is used to invoke the Menu system, Enter the selection part of an option, and Confirm that option. The Back key is used to exit a Menu option (or it will automatically return after a short delay)

Once the repeater Receive frequency is entered via the VFO Mode and using the Keypad, the Menu options will help you set the other parameters.

- 2m Repeater
- 146.685 Receive frequency
- The offset is .6 MHz
- Shift Direction is - (minus)
- Transmit CTCSS Tone is 100 Hz

Step 1
Enter VFO (Frequency) Mode using VFO/MR key
Use the Keypad to enter 145.685 (extra 2 Zeros will be added automatically)

Step 2
Press Menu, then 0 2 TX power
Press Menu to Select
Use Up/Down Arrows as needed to select the Power setting
Press Menu to Confirm

Step 3
Press Menu, then 1 3 to set TX CTCSS tone
Press Menu to Select
Use Up/Down Arrow as needed to scroll to 100.0 Hz
Press Menu to Confirm

Step 4
Press Menu, then 2 3 to set Shift Direction
Press Menu to Select
Use Up/Down Arrows as needed to scroll to Minus
Press Menu to Confirm

Step 5
Press Menu, then 2 4 to set the Frequency Offset
Press Menu to Select
Enter 00600 (The decimal point is automatically inserted after the 3rd digit is entered.)
Press Menu to Confirm

Step 6
Press Menu, then 2 5 to set the Channel to store the settings
Press Menu to Select
Use Up/Down arrows as needed to find a blank (unused) Channel. Channels that have been used to store memory will have CH preceding the number.
Press Menu to Confirm (when a blank channel number had been selected)

1. Once Menu is pressed, you can use the Up/Down arrows to scroll through the settings, or directly address them using a 2-digit selection.
2. Additional settings can be selected as needed prior to storing the channel.
3. If a setting needs to be altered after the channel is stored, the channel will need to be deleted using Menu option 26, then saved to the same channel using the additional options.
4. As for more details about CPS programming, please CLICH HERE to download.

If you have any other questions, please be free to CLICK HERE to contact us.

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  • Larry

    The illustration is good except Menu 23 id 24 and so on. Minor point but makes programming much easier. Be nice to have a bit more time when the menu item is selected but not a terrible problem.
    Thanks for taking time and trouble to publish this.

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