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How to Update Xiegu X5105 Firmware? | 2024 Latest Guidance

X5105 Firmware Update

Bootloader Version B

NOTE: version B only applies to machine code X0300190 and later.

Install USB-to-Serial cable: Firmware update is done through the serial port (which can be located at the right-side panel named COM) of X5105. As modern computers generally no longer provide a serial port, so we need to use the USB-to-Serial cable to create a virtual serial port on the computer. The very first thing is to make sure that the USB-to-Serial cable is working properly on the computer.


Open Device Manager, Click on Ports (COM & LPT)
Observe Port number -- Right-click on the USB Serial Port (COMx) --x is the Com Port Number. Select Properties, then Port Settings. Confirm Bits per second is 115200. Click OK



Entering the update mode of X5105:

Keep X5105 power OFF and disconnect the power cable.

Disconnect the 3.5mm stereo plug.

Press and hold both of the VOLUME +/- buttons.

Plug the power cable into the power jack.

The LCD will show an update mode screen.

“XG Boot loader”
“Press VOL +/- to Abort”

When seeing this screen, release both of the VOL buttons and the update mode is ready.

The X5105 will apply internal the flash memory erasing process

“Erasing Flash . . . Finished!”
“Waiting connection”

Note: Do not unplug the power cable during the erasing process.

In order to transfer the firmware to the device, we use TeraTerm 4.96

Open the Tera Term Terminal Program 4.96.

Configure Tera Term
In the Window for Tera Term New Connection, click on the Serial selection and confirm it matches the port number in Device Manager and Click OK in the Tera Term New Connection Window.



The Tera Term Window opens.



Click on the Setup tab at the top of the Tera Term Window and select Serial Port.



Verify the Com Port Number from Device Manager




Confirm the Speed is 115200 Click New Setting

Insert the 3.5mm stereo plug into the COM jack.

There may be some junk characters on the screen. Ignore them.

In Tera Term Click File - Transfer - XMODEM - Send In that order



Select Firmware File (Selected for info only – select the firmware file you want to use)



Check the 1K Option Box The transfer will not work if you do not do this!

Click Open (Your Firmware file will be shown in the transfer window)

In the x5105 Screen, you should see the following:

Waiting connection…OK!
Recv Bytes: 000000
Recv Error: 000
(Actual numbers will reflect the status of your Transfer)






When the Progress Bar reaches 100%. The Transfer Window will close

The message: Trans finish! Will appear on the bottom of the Tera Term Screen.

Power radio off, if not already off. Hold Menu button and Power the radio back on
The screen will show:
Are You Sure
No Yes

Choose Yes

On first start, there will be several error messages. Press any Key to continue. Turn off, then back on for normal start.


  • Jackson

    Hi Jose, please contact for further assistance.
    Hi Ramsey, the X5105 comes with the cable so we don’t sell it.

  • Jose EA7KGC

    My PC does not generate a COM port, neither with Wndows 8.1 nor Wndows 10. It cannot find device software. Where can I get the software to generate COM port and communicate with X5105. The current status of the transceiver is:
    Thank you very much

  • ramsey

    Do you sell the firmware update cable? If not where can I purchase one.


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