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Radioddity Loyalty Program | New Release

Radioddity Loyalty Program

A new feature, Loyalty Program, has been released on! From now on, you may find a “My Rewards” icon displaying on the lower left corner of our website page in addition to “Live Chat”.

This feature will help you earn your loyalty points by spending on to unlock coupons, discounts or even free advance released products when checkout for your following purchases.

We will enrich more rewards to provide you with various choices for different rewards in the near future. Join our Loyalty Program right now!


How does it work?


Login in Radioddity. Click the icon “My Rewards”

Click “Spend Points” to rewards page.

Click “Redeem” to unlock coupon or discount.
Note: Every reward you unlock will be informed via an email. All the discount codes will expire in 6 months.

Copy the discount code to apply it when checkout.

Click “Earn More” to get more points.
Note: If you have been inactive/not purchased for the past 180 days (i.e. no earning or spending of points), then your points balance will return to zero. Make sure you spend and earn points within 180 days to retain your balance.

We also start to use a referral program, share a link to your friends or family and get a 10% off coupon for both of you.

Click “My Rewards” to see the discount or coupon you’ve unlocked.


Note: All rights reserved by Radioddity. If you have any other ideas to help us make this program better, please be free to let us know via email, or just leave a comment below.





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  • david a. mourino

    fantastic thank you godspeed

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