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Radioddity GD-88 & DB25-D Extended Manual Update v2.2

Dear GD-88 and DB25-D customers,

In March 2023 we did release a firmware update for the GD-88. Just about a week ago we also released a new firmware for the DB25-D. A few new features got added and some features got slightly changed compared to the last releases.

Based on the issues that had been reported to our customer service agents, we also enhanced the section on 'Common problems and how to solve them'. So whenever you encounter an issue, you may first check that chapter for its solution.

For full details, please click on the Radioddity Support Page to download your free copy of the GD-88 & DB25-D Extended Manual v2.2.

We would like to thank all Radioddity DB25-D and Radioddity GD-88 customers for their constructive feedback. We really do appreciate such as it does help us to make good radios even better.

If you do find any bug in the radio's firmware, our CPS, this documentation, or if you are missing a feature you would have expected, contact us or directly write an email to

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For full details, please click Radioddity Download Page to download and check out the corresponding files.

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