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Radioddity GD-88 Now Supported by CPEditor!

Radioddity GD-88 now also fully supported by CPEditor

As you may know, David MM7DBT´s CPEditor already does support our well-selling Radioddity DB25-D mobile radio for quite a long time. We are happy to tell you that now David additionally added the functionality required to fully support the Radioddity GD-88 handheld radio as well!

In order to make the transition even easier, his CPEditor even allows to write a DB25-D codeplug formerly created with his CPEditor to a GD-88 or a GD-88 codeplug to a DB25-D. His CPEditor has been successfully tested with the initial firmware as well as with the newest release and we are confident, that future firmware releases of the DB25-D and GD-88 will also be fully supported by his CPEditor.

Besides general functionality to write a codeplug to the radio and read it from the radio and store it in a file, his CPEditor is also capable of updating the radio firmware, changing the startup-logo and writing the DMR-database (even selectable per country) to the radio. Just one single tool does it all.

Now searching for an updated DMR-ID database, personalization of your radio, keeping it fresh... and some more functionality is included within just one single tool that even runs under Windows 11 and supports all COM-ports.

However, two things Radioddity customers should know:

1. Radioddity does not give any support to his editor. If you have any suggestions or need help/support about it, please use David MM7DBT's wiki and forum to communicate with the community.
2. If you do use David MM7DBT´s CPEditor and feel happy, please consider honoring his work by using the donating link as found on his Codeplug Editor website.

Download here the Radioddity version of his CPEditor today!


Little Secret:
The next update of his editor will also support new features that will be part of the next Radioddity GD-88 firmware update. Stay tuned...


  • Mario

    Fantastic Software, tx David

  • Keith Sallee

    I’m new to all of the HAM terms and Codeplugs but I’m very interested in learning all I can everyday. Thanks

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