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New Firmware and Alternative CPEditor for The Radioddity DB25-D

As our Radioddity DB25-D became quite popular since its release about 9 months ago, we already published new firmware updates, an Addendum and lately even the 170+ pages Extended Manual.

Today we are proud to not only present you a New Firmware version and an Updated Extended Manual but also an alternative CPS to be used with your Radioddity DB25-D, called CPEditor.
This well programmed CPEditor by David Bell (MM7DBT) and based on some initial code of David Pye (M0DMP), is not officially supported by Radioddity. Support is provided by other users of this CPS and by the author himself via the forum setup by David for that purpose.

David Bell's CPEditor comes with:
• Proven editing of channels, zones and other parameters leaving all other data untouched
• Easy reordering of channels and zones (right mouse-click will be your friend)
• Well sorted parameters
• Support for COM-ports even above COM8
• Ham contact database may be selectively grabbed directly from
• Ham contact database may be imported even unsorted as the CPEditor will sort it by ascending DMR ID
• Faster data-transfer between radio and CPEditor
• Built-in firmware-updater
• Built-in CPEditor updater
• Built-in Startup-Logo updater (Save your existing logo before changing it)

Some wording may be slightly different to our manuals but we are sure you will be very happy with his CPEditor.

The new DB-25D firmware comes with the following changes:
• Additional icon whenever promiscuous mode is active
• Memory assignment for channels and zones now handled dynamically
• APRS now also transmits whenever under simulation.
• Added a volume control method:
o Do not push down the knob, turn the knob to change the channel
o Push down the knob, turn the knob to change the volume

As David's CPS is free of charge we would like to encourage all users of his CPEditor to make a donation in order to honor the effort he already did put into this fine piece of software. As Radioddity we do our very best to make sure that future versions of our DB25-D firmware will be supported by his CPS as well.

Grab your complete package at: Radioddity Download Page

Forum for questions regarding David Bell's CPS:


  • George Carr

    Looking forward to this upgrade.

  • Klaus

    Thanks for the updated firmware. Good idea to now have that icon for promiscuous mode. However, I do not like the way of pressing the knob whilst turning it to change the radios volume. If have just setup one of the P-keys on the Microphone to activate the “Volume”-function and then use the up/down-keys on the microphone to align the volume.
    WOW, that CPEditor will definitely become my tool for programming my DB25-D. I love all those automatic update functions. No more messing around with any ham contact lists that do not match the expected format of the radio. ANd finally got rid of the memory-assignment issues the original CPS still has. Congratulations to Radioddity for that alternative option. Well Done!

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