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CPS Addendum to the DB25-D Manual Now Available

Several customers have asked for more advise and details on using the CPS supplied for our DB25-D dual mode dual band mobile radio. As we care on the demand of our customers, our engineers, together with our Customer Support staff, have put together a quite comprehensive Addendum to the existing manual you got with your DB25-D. It also does include the details for using the GPS-functionality of the DB25-D together with APRS, both in analog as well as in digital mode.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of this brand new addendum.


  • Kevin

    It would be nice if you would do an update on your DB 20G. You updated to version 2.02 and it still has a glitch that is very annoying in the radio firmware. The “A” or up band will remember its power settings after turning off or power down as set by the software in function setup. I programed the “B” or down with the same settings for MR. as the “A” section of the radio only at a different channel. When it turns off or power is removed the radio will not remember last mode and powers up or turns on in VFO mode in the lowest frequency mode.

  • Jeff Logullo

    Bravo! Thank you for this resource!

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