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Radioddity GC-5 | Dual Band | 5W | 999 CH | Remote Frequency Copy | Color Screen | 1800mAh | NOAA FM RX

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Wide Communication Range: With GC-5 amateur radio, you can communicate with both UHF and VHF dual bands. Stay informed with NOAA weather channels and FM reception. Switch between 12.5K or 25K wide band/narrow band for enhanced communication options. With 999 memory channels, never miss a beat. FCC ID: 2AN62-GC5

Clear and Private Conversation:
Ensure crystal-clear communication with 104 DCS and 50 CTCSS codes. Stay connected hands-free with the 1-9 VOX feature and minimize background noise with the 0-5 squelch level setting.

Cross-band Receiving and Transmitting: Support VHF and UHF bands operation. Switch between two bands effortlessly with A/B band independent operation and monitor two frequencies simultaneously with dual-band and display functionality.

User-friendly Design: Easily navigate settings on the 1.8" color display and use the full-featured keypad for one-touch frequency/channel mode switching, and current band switching. What’s more, GC-5 can realize fast frequency copy, and customize DTMF settings by pressing the '#' key. CHIRP programming available now.

Essential Emergency Equipment: Stay prepared with an 1800mAh big capacity battery, LED flashlight, and dual alarm system - local and broadcast alarms. Local alarm emits loud sound, broadcast alarm transmits siren or coded signals for critical alerts.

Disclaime: No License is required to purchase this radio, nor to Monitor (listen) to the many Amateur (Ham) Radio frequencies. However, an FCC License is required to Transmit (Talk) on Amateur Radio Frequencies in the USA. Please visit to learn more.

CLICK HERE to download CPS & user manual.

How to Program Radioddity GC-5 from The Keypad - Repeater Setting Guide
The Radioddity GC-5 is rapidly gaining popularity among ham radio operators and enthusiasts alike, thanks to its comprehensive features and cost-effective price point. This model is particularly appealing because it allows for manual programming without the need for a PC, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned ham radio operators and beginners. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of setting up a repeater channel using the keypad, showcasing the ease and convenience of programming this device. Whether you’re a seasoned ham radio operator or just starting out, the Radioddity GC-5 offers a user-friendly experience that doesn’t compromise on functionality. To enter a channel from the front panel, the steps below should help: • The Menu(Green) key is used to invoke the Menu system, Enter the selection part of an option, and Confirm that option. • The Back (Red) key is used to exit a Menu option (or it will automatically return after a short delay) Once the repeater Receive frequency is entered via the VFO Mode and using the Keypad, the Menu options will help you set the other parameters. Program Example: - 2m Repeater - 146.685 Receive frequency - The offset is .6 MHz - Shift Direction is - (minus) - Transmit CTCSS Tone is 100 Hz - Receive CTCSS Tone is 100 Hz Step 1: Program Frequency Enter VFO (Frequency) Mode using VFO/MR key. Use the Keypad to enter 145685 (the Decimal Point and extra 2 Zeros will be added automatically) Step 2: Program Transmit Power Press Menu, Option 2 TX power Press Menu to Select Use Up/Down Arrows as needed to select the Power setting Press Menu to Confirm Exit to Return (or scroll to the next Option) Step 3: Program TX CTCSS Tone Press Menu, then 1 2 to set TX CTCSS tone Press Menu to Select Use Up/Down Arrow as needed to scroll to 100.0 Hz, or press the first 3 digits (1 0 0), scroll to 100.0 Hz Press Menu to Confirm Exit to Return (or scroll to the next Option) Step 4: Program RX CTCSS Tone Press Menu, then 1 0 to set RX CTCSS tone Press Menu to Select Use Up/Down Arrow as needed to scroll to 100.0 Hz, or press the first 3 digits (1 0 0), Scroll to 100.0 Hz Press Menu to Confirm Exit to Return (or scroll to the next Option) Step 5: Program Shift Direction Press Menu, then 2 8 to set Shift Direction Press Menu to Select Use Up/Down Arrows as needed to scroll to Minus Press Menu to Confirm Exit to Return (or scroll to the next Option) Step 6: Program Frequency Offset Press Menu, then 2 9 to set the Frequency Offset Press Menu to Select Enter 000600 (The decimal point is automatically inserted after the 3rd digit is entered.) Press Menu to Confirm Exit to Return (or scroll to the next Option) Step 7: Store The Setting Press Menu, then 3 0 to set the Channel to store the settings Press Menu to Select Use Up/Down arrows as needed to find a blank (unused) Channel. Channels that have been used to store memory will have CH preceding the number. Press Menu to Confirm (when a blank channel number had been selected) Voice Prompt: Receiving Memory Exit to Return Note: 1. Once Menu is pressed, you can use the Up/Down arrows to scroll through the settings, or directly address them using a 2-digit selection. 2. Additional settings can be selected as needed prior to storing the channel. 3. If a setting needs to be altered after the channel is stored, the channel will need to be deleted using Menu option 31, then saved to the same channel using the additional options. If you encounter any issues with this radio or the guidance provided, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our technical support team is always ready to assist you. We’re committed to ensuring that your experience with the Radioddity GC-5 is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Enjoy your radio!
How to Customize Power-on Picture for Radioddity GC-5
The GC-5 has the ability to load a Power-On picture. You can load your own to make a customized one by following the following guidance. If you like the Radioddity official images, we did provide some in the latest CPS package. CLICK HERE to download. In this holiday season, we specially provide you with more official power-on images choice to customize your radio. CLICK HERE to download to make your own Christmas theme GC-5! Preparation 1. Open Paint, or your favorite Pic editor 2. Load Picture 3. Select Resize 4. Uncheck Maintain aspect ratio 5. Select Pixels - 160 Horizontal and 128 Vertical 6. Click OK 7. Save the resized picture as BMP format. ================= Customize Your Powe-On Picture 1. Open CPS and select Tools 2. Select Power On Picture 3. Select Com Port, Open Image, then Import Picture 4. Picture loading to Radio 5. When the import is completed, power the radio Off, then back On  

Experience the Radioddity GC-5 - the must-have amateur radio for outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and emergency preparedness. Stay connected, informed, and safe with the Radioddity GC-5.

Now the Radioddity GC-5 also supports CHIRP programming.

Effortless Wireless Frequency Copy

Streamline communication setup with the convenient wireless frequency copy function, allowing seamless frequency transfer between compatible devices (eg: GC-5 copy GS-5B). By pressing and holding the "exit" button, you can easily scan frequencies, and saving them is as simple as pressing the "menu" button.

Enhanced Screen-on Time Control

Enjoy complete control over the screen-on duration with adjustable options ranging from 5 to 20 seconds, or keep it continuously active to suit your preferences and optimize power-saving requirements.

Dual Band, Dual Watch

The 1.8’’ large color display allows you to view channel names and frequencies at a glance. Dual-band and dual-watch function for monitoring two frequencies at once, offering convenience and situational awareness.

The GC-5 has the ability to load a Power-On picture. You can load your own to make a customized one. Click Here to learn more.


More Features
- VFO and channel mode
- Dual watch / Dual reception/ Dual-band handheld transceiver
- Frequency step, selectable between 2.5K | 5.0K | 6.25K | 10.0K | 12.5K | 20.0K | 25.0K | 50.0K
- Channel scan, frequency scan, and three scan and recovery methods: TO, CO, and SE
- Power-on password management
- Power-on information management (voltage, message, image, model name)
- DTMF encoder
- Alarm function
- High-low power
- Programmable repeater offset
- Transmission time-out timer
- LED flashlight
- End of transmission tone, aka “Roger Beep”
- NOAA weather reception
- Broadcast FM radio receiver 78-108 MHz
- Battery save function
- Busy channel lock out
- Ten levels of Squelch adjustment
- Screen backlight time adjustment through keypad
- Voice prompt
- Keypad beep prompt

Frequency Range:
US Version | 144-148MHz(TX&RX) , 420-450MHz(TX&RX), FM: 78-108MHz(RX), WX: 161.650-163.275MHz(RX)
EU Version | 144-146MHz(TX&RX) , 430-440MHz(TX&RX), FM: 78-108MHz(RX), NO WX in EU countries.

Power: 5W/2W
Channel Spacing: 25.0KHz(Wide)/12.5KHz (Narr)
Memory Channel: 999 Groups
Operation Voltage: DC 7.4 V ±10%
Transmission Current: ≤1700mA
Receive Sensitivity: 0.25μV (12dB SINAD)
Rated Audio Power Output: 1W @16 ohms
Receive Current: ≤380mA
Programming Port: 2 pin Kenwood jack
Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohm

Screen Display Icon

Weather Channel Information

DTMF Information

Charger Tips


What’s in the box?
1 x GC-5 Two way radio
1 x Li-ion Battery(with one screw)
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Lanyard
1 x Headset
1 x Desktop Charger
1 x User Manual

(The remote frequency copy methods differ between various models)

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