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RD-5R Update | Firmware V2.1.6

Firmware update: V2.1.6
► Eliminate the squelch noise

Download: Click here

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  • Ben

    The squelch tail noise is gone! Thank you so much. Is there any possibility to enable display of embedded Talker Alias? In that manner we wouldn’t have to pick and choose which DMR contacts to load and better utilize that limited resource to TG entries. Thanks so much for the consideration.

  • Jonah

    First off, I would like to thank you very much for resolving the squelch noise issue. It had previously made this radio unusable for me.

    I would like to offer up two firmware suggestions:
    1) Please allow scanning while dual-watch is enabled by temporarily disabling dual watch automatically while scanning. As far as I can tell, this is what the UV-5R does.
    2) Please extend the max number of channels in a zone to AT LEAST 32 channels per zone. Being unable to fit all 22 GMRS channels in a single zone (for RX only) is very frustrating. If scan list is limited to 16 channels, please extend this to match.

    Let it be known that I’ve spoken to several people that were interested in purchasing one of these radios and I’ve advised each of them not to buy until these issues are resolved via firmware update. I promise to buy a bunch of these radios if these 2 enhancements are properly implemented.

  • Giorgio Radioni

    Hello Jackson,
    I appreciated the improvement regarding the squelch noise. But for ham radio use of the handheld it is necessary to be able to add new TALK GROUP from keypads, not only via software. Regards

  • Alexander

    1. Call permit tone not working in memory mode, only in vfo.. and even in vfo, sometimes.
    2. Can’t change radio id w/o pc cable

  • Alexander

    It would be great to add those things:
    1. Option “dual waiting toggle” to bind on short/long side button press. Or maybe hardcode this function to [band] button – it is senseless in current function (Wouxun has cool [tdr] button instead)? Or [a/b] long press?
    2. Now, when dual waiting is active, scan feature is blocked. Just disable it temporarily instead when entering scan mode.
    3. An option to choose default talkgroup for channel in VFO (now 1st one is hardcoded from contacts, can override only by calling from contactlist manually). Ability to enter all DMR channel settings without PC cable is killer-feature of RD-5R, but without possibility to change talkgroup it is senseless in most cases.
    4. Either remove limit of 16 channels per zone, or limit to 2 digits when directly entering channel number in channel mode (now it’s 3 digits, and user always needs to enter leading 0, that’s boring).
    5. Shortcuts 12345 … to navigate menu (like in uv-5r)
    6. Good english font without serifs
    7. Dual waiting symbol is strange. Why “S”?

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