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Xiegu New HF Radio 2023

Introducing the next generation of Xiegu ultra-portable HF transceivers, designed with advanced RF direct sampling architecture and equipped with state-of-the-art baseband and RF units. This device not only incorporates the rich features of other popular models but also includes a built-in remote network control function.

- Employs RF direct sampling architecture, offering full-mode transceiver capabilities for HF/50MHz
- Supports Wide FM (WFM) and air band reception
- Comes with a built-in automatic antenna tuner
- Features network remote control support
- Includes an integrated standing wave scanner and voice pager
- Comes with an integrated modem, preset text messages, and automatic CW calling
- Equipped with a high-stability TCXO internal clock source
- Offers external expansion capabilities for additional bands

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  • Llew Ashdown

    I have owned the x600 for a couple of years— did a couple of things differently — put some thin heat sync on the back ( battery area) and I do not run it on 12 or more volts externally i instead made a 10.5v source.
    However the x6100 performs superbly I also sometimes use R1cbu software ( simply with a micro usb inserted or take it out to revert back to factory version software).
    Super impressed with the x6100 – wfview server now working (internal) — PS wfview — is not quite as nice as the raspberry pi & ic7300 combo — but it does work. PS.PS 10.5v still gives approx 10w and the receiver noes not suffer with10.5v.

  • Mike

    Have the x6100, and excited to see the new specs. Fingers crossed it has a TX min of 20 watts. Boy, if it’s 100 watts, the Y891 won’t move another unit!

  • Robert Guentz

    Please add me to the update list

  • Don

    I’ve owned several Xiegu radios and have been happy with them. That is until the X6100.
    Initially that was my goto radio. Even more so than my ic705. That’s where the story ends.
    The X6100 lasted about 6 months working great for ssb and ft8. Then the battery charging system failed. Radioddity replaced it under warranty and all was good…. for a few weeks. After about a month the charging system failed on the new radio. Once again they replaced it under warranty. After appx another month or so it failed with no RF output. I emailed support each time I had a failure and they had me try different things but nothing resolved the problems. They sent me another and it too failed for RF output issues too.
    That was enough. I immediately sold that replacement radio and within weeks the new owner contacted me stating it had failed for RF output failure.
    Radioddity replaced it each time quickly and without headache. I have to commend them on their support.
    At this point I won’t be purchasing their new hf radio. There’s just too many issues that are unresolved. Had I had better experiences with the X6100 I’d be first in line for this one.

  • Anonymous

    Hoping for a power boost. Could we maybe get at least 20 watts?

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