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Over 2500, every 500 tickets entered will generate 1 EXTRA Xiegu G90!

Note: Any profit remained will be sponsored on ham license examination of Radioddity's customers.

CLICK HERE to apply for license fee.

Radioddity Cap
Radioddity Mug
Radioddity DB25-D
Raddy RF760
$100 Gift Card
Radioddity CS-47
Radioddity Cap
Xiegu X6100
Radioddity GD-88
Radioddity GS-5B
Radioddity GM-30
Ensure Protection for Your Radio Gear
Ensure Protection for Your Radio Gear

Perfect for Xiegu G90, X6100, G106, XPA125B and accessories.

  • Ample Storage Space with 13.4 x 8.5 x 6.1''
  • Customizable Foam Interior
  • Secure Latches & Padlock Hasps
  • Pressure Relief Valve
Rewrite the Rules of DMR Mobile
Rewrite the Rules of DMR Mobile

40W & 20W | Digital & Analog | VHF & UHF | GPS & APRS

  • 500K Contacts | 4000 Channels | 10 Customizable Keys
  • Bluetooth PPT & Earpiece Operation
  • Cross-band Repeat & Same Frequency Repeat
  • Dual VFO Design
  • Go Box
  • DB40-D
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Customer Congratulations
I wish Radioddity a very Happy Anniversary and wonderful success ahead. Happy Anniversary......and MANY more! You guy's rock!
Bryan M.
Thanks for being there with fun and affordable radios and accessories! Happy Anniversary and keep going strong.
Jeff L.
Thank you for your constant support to HAM Operators!! You guys are doing a good job, keep up the good work...keep those discounts coming!!!
Larry H.
Congratulations to Radioddity on your 11th anniversary! Great Customer Support goes a long way and apparently you seem to have that down pat! OUTSTANDING JOB...!!!
John B.
Congratulations on providing many years of valuable products and support to the radio community. Not often does one find the quality and service that Radioddity offers!
Mike R.
Congrats on your 11th anniversary! Your radios for amateur radio use are affordable solutions for new hams and veterans. The quality is great and you really get your bang for your buck. Companies like you really listen to what operators want and make the hobby affordable.
Rob B.
It is indeed very pleasing to know that Radioddity is celebrating its 11th glorious years of service and commitment in the wireless communication field. Radioddity has been a recommended brand in the radio comms industry.
Tom P.
Congrats Radioddity. I learned about your company during a ham club meeting. Love your prices!
Frank J.
The MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is, when you are in the market for radios and communication equipment, RADIODDITY is a company you can TRUST. Good people and quality merchandise! Thanks, RADIODDITY!
William G.
I wish you a lot of birthday, your products are very good, I have several and I am very satisfied. Continue like that. Thank you!
It's been a good 11 years for the ham radio community having Radioddity with us! Here's to 11 more years of great ham radio deals ... Happy Birthday!
Michael P.
I would like to wish Radioddity a very happy 11th birthday and here's to another 11 great years of quality radio products at affordable prices.
Mark B.
On behalf of our group of DX Old School Guys, I would like to congratulate Radioddity for its 11th anniversary and for the possibility of innovation at fair and competitive prices for radio amateurs, emergencies and the like.
Happy 11th anniversary! I have just recently begun my ham usage and you were the first place I went for my radio. I will keep coming back! Thanks and enjoy your success for another 11 years.
Robert C.
I rarely say this, but I enjoy receiving the emails from Radioddity with great deals, and more importantly, the constant innovation and new products!
Brad B.
Would not have gotten into HF without affordable Radioddity equipment. Congratulations to everyone on the team, happy birthday and many years to come. 73
Lowell T.
Congrats Radioddity. I learned about your company during a ham club meeting, that with many satisfying customers and reputed sales and after sales service.. Love your prices!
Matt R.
Here's congratulations on being in business for 11 years. I am a new but if this is warm comfortable feeling I have gotten from this company continues, I'll be doing business with you for the rest of my life. So I'll see you at the 50th Anniversary.
George A.