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Exclusive Discount on Xiegu X6100

The Xiegu X6100 is one of the best Ultra-Portable Shortwave SDR transceivers in the market. It's an All Mode, All Band radio with many built-in features like battery, automatic antenna tuner, microphone, PTT button, noise reduction, DSP Filters adjustment, and an internal soundcard.

Exclusive Discount on Xiegu G90

The Xiegu G90 is the first model of the new Xiegu G-series. It's a portable 20W HF 10-160 mtr. multimode transceiver. The G90 uses 24-bit digital architecture. It also includes an internal automatic antenna tuner. The G90 has excellent transmit and receive performance. It packs huge performance into a small portable packag

1. The code is for ARRL POTA book customer only.

2. The discount will expire after a certain period of time, please pay attention to your email for details.

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