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Radio Hunter Program

Are you a radio enthusiast with professional experience? Do you have a knack for writing and testing review articles? Are you excited about being one of the first to try out new Radioddity products? Look no further! Join our Radio Hunter program today and enjoy complimentary products and exclusive deals.

We highly value your feedback and insights, as they contribute significantly to the development of exceptional Radioddity products!

What can I get?
1. Be one of the first to try Radioddity new products, for free.
2. You name and call sign will be kept on the article.

How to join?
Simply read the corresponding requirement and submit the form below.

What products do you provide to write a review article?
Due to different needs of marketing status, we have different products available to review at different. Thus please check the form below and see what is available now.

How to know I'm the choosen one?
We'll drop you a email to confirm all the information when you got the chance.