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FS-N1: 1st AI Noise-Cancelling FRS Radio with HD Audio
It's a new generation of radio using a digital intelligent noise-canceling.
Why Do I Exist?

We’ve constantly heard a particular comment from our customers who work in warehouse or factory environments, their work environments are filled with loud machinery, fans, forklifts, and wind noise. PA announcements and heavy equipment contribute to a noise level that is far higher than typical operating conditions, this meant losing critical information from supervisors and co-workers, which interfere with communications to the point that communications were next to impossible.

Unfortunately, most two-way radios cannot cut background noise during communications. Production efficiency and employee safety can suffer if workers cannot stay in contact with each other. It is a serious problem in these work environments.

We listened to all of these reports and we took action. Our engineers sat down and analyzed what could be done using the latest digital signal processing techniques. The FS-N1 was the end result.

Radioddity FS-N1 is more than just a two-way radio. It is a new generation of radios using a digital intelligent noise-canceling. We then made the radio smaller, super-robust, and gave it an ultra long-life lithium battery. we did it all inside a budget that will make it affordable for everyone. It will be a completely unique combination of cutting-edge digital technology and user ergonomics. We hope that you will join us in bringing this exciting radio to market.

Introducing Radioddity FS-N1

AI Chip Brings You Incredibly Sound

The FS-N1 uses an embedded AI noise-canceling chip and double DSP, with a dedicated button to activates the chip. It senses the input from the microphone and identifies the voice and the noise through DNN (Deep neural network) technology. It does millions of times a second to completely separate the voice from the background noise.

The radio’s DSP chips sample the ambient noise using a second built-in microphone. It then creates a copy of that noise which is 180 degrees out of phase with it- and digitally erases it.

It is basic physics, but it is accomplished using the latest digital techniques- and the result is a stunning improvement in communications quality (the signal to noise ratio).

Noise-cancelling Testing Video
Main Features
Long Battery Life

The FS-N1's 3000mAh ultra-high-capacity battery gives you up to 5 days of operating time per charge. Using the noise-canceling circuitry will draw a little more current and shortens that time slightly. The radio employs a smart battery saver that can stretch operating time even further. No more worries about battery life with the FS-N1.

Easy to Operate

No license required, just press to talk with your group members on the same channel right out of the box. Easy to use even for radio beginners. Perfect for family, outdoor, and construction use.

VOX Function

With VOX switched on, the microphone is always listening for your voice. When it detects you are speaking, it will then automatically start transmitting. This feature relieves you of the burden of having to push the PTT button when you need to communicate.

Reliable Talking Range Cover

This little 2W radio provides up to 3-mile communications and has a high-gain antenna. From a high location to a valley over open skies, it can cover even further.

Rugged and Reliable Design

The body is made of high-strength plastic and a softer TPU material for the buttons. It is designed to be safe from drops and able to withstand rough, wet, and dirty environments.

Palm Size

It is very lightweight and perfectly sized to fit your pocket. There is no license required. Just press to talk with your group members on the same channel right out of the box. Easy to use even for radio beginners. Perfect for family, outdoor, and commercial use.

Scrambler Function

Need some privacy? The FS-N1 has a Scrambler Function. It is a kind of voice encryption. It can provide you with more private and secure communications within your group.
General Specs

Frequency Rang

FRS / PMR446

Channel Capacity

16 Channels

Channel Step

12.5KHz(Narrow Band)

Frequency Stabilit


Operating Voltage

4.0V DC ± 20%

Operating Temperature


Antenna Impedance







Output Power

FRS: 0.5/2W | PMR446: 0.1/0.5W

Modulation Mode


Adjacent Channel Power


Singal Noise Ratio


Parasitic Harmonic


Spurious Emission


Audio Response


Audio Distortion




-120dBm (20db SINAD)



Adjacent Channel Selectivity


Spurious Rejection


Audio Response


Signal to Noise Ratio


Audio Distortion


Audio Output Power


Competitive analysis
What's in the box?

2 x Radioddity FS-N1 (1 x Red & 1 x Blue)

2 x 3000mAh Battery

2 x Belt Clip

2 x Charger

2 x Micro USB Charging Cable

2 x User Manual

Pledges We Offer

Radioddity will use the contribution from backers for manufacturing. Here is a basic list of the manufacturing process that your funds will help us achieve.

1. PCB board with noise-canceling chip manufacturing

2. Plastic mold injection and painting

3. Assembly of radios

4. Quality testing

5. Packaging and shipping

Risks and challenges

The major challenges of hardware product development have three aspects:

1. Research and development

2. Mass production

3. Delivery. We've done this before and will do better this time. Radioddity has 8 years’ experience in the field of two-way radio. FS-N1 has experienced multiple early prototypes.

To ensure the quality of mass production, we are currently in the stage of pilot production of FS-N1. We are confident that you will receive the item in its best form.


Knowing the exact timeline for production from start to finish is never an easy thing to judge. Since we have already started manufacturing, we're confident that we can finish all orders in xxx. In the case that any delays do arise, all of our backers will be informed immediately. We will always keep our backers informed and we thank you for your support.