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[2022] Free Radio for Your Friend

"Free Radio for Your Friend" giveaway has been one of the most popular Radioddity traditional events. We invite our customers to tell us why their friends should get a free radio from
Radioddity. Each year, many customers participated and shared a lot of touching stories with us. We keep this event in order to celebrate the holiday season with you all. Furthermore, this year we have more prizes thanks to the $1 Raffle event.

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Do your family members need license-free radios to communicate when going outside? Are there any of your friends that you want to help get into the world of ham radio? Does any of your experienced ham neighbors plan to step into the DMR world? He/she may be stopped by a limited budget or just simply needs a chance to learn more about it.

Now it's time! Submit your application with an introduction as well as a reason why your friend should win a FREE radio, we will pick lucky winners at random to send a FREE Radioddity radio or a gift card.

Q: What and how many radios will be sent out?
A: Prize list:
① For people who love outdoor activities, we recommend Raddy SW5 Emergency Radio.
② For people who are interested in two-way radios while not having a license yet, Radioddity FS-T3/PR-T3 is a good choice.
③ For people who have a GMRS license, Radioddity GM-30 should be perfect.
④ For people who need a MURS radio, our new Radioddity MU-5 is recommended.
⑤ For people who need a CB mobile, you can pick Radioddity CB-27.

For a ham who prefer analog radios, Baofeng GT-5 would be suitable.
For a ham who intent to learn more about digital radios, Baofeng DM-1701 is an ideal start.
For a ham who may need a unique radio/hunting accessory, Raddy S22 can be a gift choice.
⑨ For a friend who is not for radio world, Raddy RS68 Bluetooth speaker could be considered.
⑩ For a friend you have no idea what to send, a Radioddity $20 Gift Card would be great.

Prize quantity:
First stage: 15 winners in total

Second stage: It depends on the quantity of the $1 Raffle sold.

Q: Do you charge a shipping fee?
A: No, it's totally free and Radioddity will cover the shipping cost.

Q: When will this giveaway end and when will the result be announced?

A: The giveaway has two stages.
The first one ends on November 20, the result will be announced on November 21.
The second one ends on
November 30, the result will be announced on December 5.

Q: Do I need to do anything else?
A: Please make sure you've signed up and filled up your shipping information so that we can ship the prize once you get the luck.
You'll need to give the gift to your friend on your own.

Q: Where can I submit the info?
A: Ended

Q: When will the winners get the prize?
A: We'll contact you soon to confirm the detailed shipping information. Prizes will be delivered before Christmas. Note that any winner who fails to claim the prize before 11:59 PM December 11th (EST), will forfeit the prize.

Q: Who are the winners?
A: Come back on November 21 & December 5 to check it out.

Q: What if I don't have the luck?
A: We appreciate your joining this event! Radioddity will send a $10 Gift Card to all of you (except for the winners)! The Gift Card will be sent in succession before December 9.


Prize - Emergency Radio - Raddy SW5

1. From Nick to Jaymee

"My wife Jaymee and I are expecting our first child early next year! We are both very excited, and while we are getting used to parenthood I know she would love the Raddy SW5! Sitting outside (using the solar charger!) and listening to the radio would be great during this time. We are also avid hikers, so once we are able to hike again this would also be a great addition!"

1.1 (
Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Chad to Tracy

"She is a nurse at the local hospital and where she lives, the weather there can get quite aweful and I want her to be able to get a hold of someone in case she gets stranded on the side of the road."

1.2 (Stage Two Sponsored by
Radioddity Raffle) From Halina to William

"Grandpas boat quit 30 min before sundown in the middle of Table Rock Lake.
We called friends, neighbors- no one was home or in the dock. Finally , a sea tow service went buy on their way home. Too close to total dark on the lake.
Finally, an emergency radii would have gotten ti some rescue service when a cell phone was not enough."

Prize - FRS/PMR Radio - Radioddity FS-T3/PR-T3

2. From Don R. to Ava R.
(Feedback Image From Don R.)

"Ava is my daughter. She is ICUT certified in the Civil Air Patrol. She is scared to speak on the radio. This would be a training radio to allow her to be more relaxed and get used to speaking on the radio."

To Radioddity: "I have a Radioddity Baofeng UV-5RX3 which works great. I am looking to purchase a mobile base unit QB25 here shortly."

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle)  From Kenny to Ian

"They live in a cellular dead zone and when the power goes out we can’t get in touch with him until the power comes back on. A radio will help him get in touch with us while we continue to push him to get his HAM license! "
(Feedback image from Kenny)

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Robert William

"William (my son) is 8 years old, and is starting to show interest in radios. He constantly plays with the cheap set he was gifted, but those have terrible range. I’d like for him to have a “good” radio of his own, to start him on his journey!"

To Radioddity: "I absolutely love how Radioddity gives back to this community! "


Prize - GMRS Radio - Radioddity GM-30

3. From Andrew H. to Nick H.

"Nick is my brother. He's a hard working guy that spends his free time in the woods at our family property cleaning the fallen limbs and making nice trails that everyone can enjoy. A nice GMRS radio would be perfect for him since the cell service is so spotty there. He's always up for helping me test new radio set up's while we're up there but he doesn't have a radio he can call his own."

To Radioddity: "I'm loving all the events you guys do. I look forward to your emails and browsing your site."

4. From Clark W. to Aidan W.

"I just celebrated the one-year anniversary of receiving my technician class amateur radio license and am now trying to get my son, Aidan, interested in two-way radio communications. I plan to get a GMRS license so we can communicate when up on the mountain skiing or just out and about hiking/biking/fishing/etc. I figure GMRS is the perfect stepping stone to get him into radios w/out the technicality of attaining an amateur radio license which I hope will come in time for him.

Anyway, we plan to do a 2 week road-trip tour of the Powder Highway in British Columbia, Canada this upcoming January, visiting ski resorts and backcountry haunts along the way. Winning a radio for Aidan would be the perfect compliment to our trip and improve our overall safety plan for when we get separated as I assume he will chase after any young ladies he meets on the chair... meanwhile, I may ditch him from time to time in pursuit of deep snow or beer, whichever suits my own whims, LOL!

P.S. I am also the guy who never wins anything, so it seems I'm due sooner or later..."

To Radioddity: "Bought my first radio from Radioddity about a year ago and have come back a few more times to expand my quiver of HT and mobile radios. Great service and prices every time!"

5. From Lars P. to John V.
(Feedback Image From Laes P.)

"My buddy John and I have been riding off-road motorcycles together for more than 20 years. We've traveled through the deserts and mountains of California, and toured through the vast Baja peninsula in Mexico. He's one of those friends you can count on through thick and thin."

To Radioddity: "I recently got a pair of GM-N1 GMRS radios (and my FCC license) and it's made off-road motorcycling much safer. Now I can share important info with my riding buddies when we get separated. The Radioddity GM-N1 units are well made, and best of all they can survive the rain and an occasional tumble on the rocks!"

6. From Todd W. to Charles W.

"My FCC call signs are WH6DWF and WRNX840 for GMRS. I am a third generation ham and I am hoping that my son will continue our family tradition and legacy.

I am hoping that my son, Charles, age 17, will develop interest under my GMRS License to go through to study for his Amateur Radio license and take the exam with the club that I helped co-found with a fellow US Marine called HERO the only club that has been offering in person and online VE Exam testing with a new FCC Approved Closed Computer System.

One of our goals is to introduce Amateur Radio to fellow soldiers to get them on the air instead of using alcohol, drugs and firearms.
I believe that getting these soldiers and military veterans on the air to talk to other fellow veterans(Almost 70% of the FCC license Hams in the US are military veterans), that would help them to open up and speak to fellow veterans with very similar experiences in our US Armed Forces.

I truly believe that using Amateur radio as a means to relieving societal pressures can help prevent the 22 suicides per day. I also believe that we can accomplish more in Amateur Radio than all the psychologists employed by the VA Healthcare System in preventing suicides among active duty soldiers, US military veterans and high risk teens for suicides.

GMRS, I believe, has replaced Citizen Band radio as the new ground level entry into radio communications today. With one GMRS license call sign covering an entire family, this is a great starting point in the 21st century.

My son, Charles, has been asking a lot of questions about the advantages of military service and has stated that after he finishes his senior year at Kalani HS in Hawaii Kai, that he is interested in enlisting and to go into US Marine Corps boot camp.

However, I want him to go to the University of Hawai’i Manoa Campus by taking advantage of my old GI Bill benefits to go to college for free and enlist into Officers Candidate School instead of joining the enlisted, which will provide him with more opportunities to continue college to obtain a Masters Degree or better to further his career choices.

This small gesture by Radioddity of giving away a radio could make a major difference in someone’s life for their future.
I believe our goal should be to obtain the interests of our youth today into thinking they can have a brighter future tomorrow…"

7. From Ernest D. to Stan K.

"He is a selfless individual. Jumping in and helping anyone wherever and whenever he can without asking for anything in return. Very personable, takes the time to learn people by truly listening. He's an easy person to sit down and have a conversation with. Just an all around good guy who deserves to have a great thing happen for him."

To Radioddity: "Winning a radio would help tremendously, not only for him but for our group (Michigan Jeeps) as a whole. It would take our communication capabilities to a new level while out on monthly trail adventures."

7.1 (Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Leon to Joey

"Joey is a hard working father of 2 that owns his own trucking company. He dedicated many years of his life to public service in the fire service. Joey loves hunting and the area he hunts is very hilly. This creates issues with the little radios you buy from Walmart or other retailers. Joey needs a strong radio to clear the terrain and I can attest from experience that Radioddity equipment works great!"

To Radioddity: "Love your products, service and being a customer! "

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Kenneth to Amy

"This radio would be for my daughter. She has three small children. Her husband works all over the state where they live so she would use this in case of any emergency should they loose cell signal. She also homeschools her three small children."

To Radioddity: "Thank You for having this great contest for someone to win. "
(Feedback image from Kenneth)

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Paul to Paul

"I introduced my grandson to FRS radio when he was three years old. He is now 5 1/2. He loves to talk to "Grandpa Paul" when we go on walks and to the playground. He pretends he is a "Ham radio operator" or an astronaut. We have now moved to GMRS but the radio he had was destroyed by the dog. I have introduced Winston to Morse Code and he loves all things "radio"."

To Radioddity: "Great company!!"

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Bobby to Jay

"He received his GMRS license WRTA385. We have been friends for years and we back each other up at our full time and part time jobs. He has a daughter that needed specialized medical care that requires a lot of his time and finances. It would be nice for him to be able to communicate with me when we go on joint family vacations or extracurricular activities."

To Radioddity: "We were going to purchase GM-30 radios at the same time, but he ran short on finances due to his daughter's condition. He is friendly, helpful at work and at home. He spends some of his free time at the Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, TX. He attends and is active in his church assisting the not so fortunate."

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Cassandra to Adam

"Why he deserves a radio because he's is the most hard working person I know. Our friendship started 14 years ago in high-school. As we grew up to adults we have always had a love for outdoors and radios. He is very meticulous with his electrical work he does on off road vehicles including wiring radios and antennas. Loves to have his radios on all day just listening and chatting. I would love to be able to gift him with something he loves and has become a passionate hobby. Thank you!"

To Radioddity: "Thanks for the opportunity."
(Feedback Image From Cassandra)

Prize - MURS Radio - Radioddity MU-5

8. From Greg R. to Cody R.

"My neighbor's that live next door to me have a son who is shall we say: mentaly challenged. One of the nicest person's you could ever meet. He is the workhorse of this family. Cody do this, Cody do that. Their house would fall apart if it wasn't for him. As i have been doing carpentry and general maintainance work on his family's house, i get to see how the young man basicly doesn't have a life of his own to explore the world outside of his home, so whenever i get the chance, i'll bring him along with me to the local home improvement store's, or anywhere like bike riding on our local nature trail, grocery shopping, or just a fun drive. Since he doesn't have a ham license like me i figure i can start him out on Murs till i can school him on getting a GMRS and later a tech ham license. The Radioddity MU-5 would be a great Christmas gift for him to start out in amateur radio. The kid need's something to do other than constant house work. He is too young to waste his life on doing work that other people are too lazy to do themselve's. I will be honored to teach a meaningful hobby as ham radio to him to show him that there is a whole world out here to be explored. What a wonderful way to start as ham radio. Thank everybody. greg KC3PVS."

To Radioddity: "This is a very, very terrific way to teach other's about amateur radio. AND, a very humanitarion thing to do. Excellant work guy's. And Doll's."

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Keith to Susan

"She just got her Ham ticket and has coordinated our neighborhood with MURS radios for emergencies."

To Radioddity: "Thanks for promoting Ham Radio and making DMR easier."

Prize - CB Mobile Radio - Radioddity CB-27

9. From David P. to Dusty P.

"My best friend is my son,Dusty P. I went through a rough divorce when he was just a young boy around 6 years old. He never gave up on me and I never gave up on him. When he got older he decided to join the Army National Guard who sent him to Iraq during a war time. He stayed in contact with me while he was there but there were times he couldn’t contact which made me worry. He’s got married about 8 years ago to a great young lady by name of Machel. They now live in Mobile Al, which is around 6 hours away.

In 2015 I suffered a double pulmonary embolism which put me on a ventilator for a week with less than 10% to live. My son had people praying for me and was even on the internet getting people and places to pray. He set by my bedside praying at the Hospital in the ICU.

We contact each other at least two to three times a week to see how each other is doing. I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler and he decided he wanted to get one also. I have the Radioddity CB 27 in my Jeep but he has no CB or and type of communication in his. I know if I could give my best friend the CB from Radioddity he would love it. We want to do some Jeeping together and camp out. He has a 7 yr old son and a 4 yr old daughter with a daughter on the way in December of 2022. The CB 27 would be perfect and like mine fits perfect for the Jeep. I’m hoping I can get this for him and let him know he’s my Best Friend and that I love him."

To Radioddity: "Radioddity have great radios and great service. I have the CB27, a DB 25-G and a GM30 and they are great radios. Thanks Radioddity for allowing me to share my best friend and also for your great service."

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Matt to Gerry

"My uncle is not at all well-off and therefore has difficulty keeping a cell phone and does not have a car or bicycle. We live a half-mile apart from one another, but a large highway is between us so it is not easy for him to walk to our place since it is 1.3 miles via sidewalks. If he had a CB radio, we could communicate easily and pass messages to other family members. He would not have to get a license either. I suppose a GMRS or FRS radio might work as well, but I am not confident it would work in our landscape."

Prize - Analog Radio - Baofeng GT-5

10. From Andrew V. to Gerry F.

"I mentor a high school ham radio club and my friend Gerry is the sponsoring teacher. We give a brand new HT to each student who passes their Technician level test to help them get started. So far we have licensed more than 20 students to Ham Radio and hope to recruit many more."

To Radioddity: "Thanks for sponsoring this give away. I absolutely love my G90."

11. From Sadie B. to Joshua B.

"My husband Josh is a hobbyist who loves to experiment with radios. He hasn’t gotten his Tech License yet but he had a couple of decent radios, I think Yaesu and something else, for when he does get his license.

He often tells me about various methods we would use during emergencies to get ahold of each other if cell towers were down. Or he’d tell me about other things he’s researched (I try to keep up lol).

He went out of town on a work trip this past week and someone broke the window of his car and stole both the radios, chargers, and his extra antenna!

He’s a pretty handy guy so fixing the window won’t be an issue. But we have a very tight budget. He’s actually sold some of his belongings to buy those radios. They definitely weren’t an item we would buy on the norm. He was pretty dejected and frustrated, so I wanted to do something to cheer him up! "

To Radioddity: "He’s mentioned your site in the past and we’ve gotten a couple orders from you. He really likes the style and usability of your radios!"

12. From TRENT P. to CADENCE P.




To Radioddity: "YOUR CREW ROCKS!"

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Lucas to Jake

"Jake and the group go camping and hiking a lot. I go with them and am in charge of communications such as winlink to reach family for wellness checks and all that (and, God forbid, an emergency).

For communicating with each other on our trips we have some low-quality FRS radios we use, but we need something with more punch and versatility. An analog ham handheld or mobile would be perfect for him, as he's looking to get his license anyways. I use a Radioddity GA-510 myself and I'd love to have another ham within the group!"

To Radioddity: "Radioddity's support is unmatched and helps me have confidence in their lineup."

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Brent to Lylah

"My 10 year old daughter, she’s asked me about what it’s like to speak to someone in another part of the world randomly, and how my HF radio does it so they can hear. Winning/Having a radio of her own would push her closer to trying for her ticket, as she already has interest in general FRS talkies now."
(Feedback Image From Brent)

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Jonathan to Evan

"Trying to get my brother involved in radio to stay in communication in case of emergency and just for fun. We do a lot of camping and hiking in National Forests, State Forests, and State Parks where there is no cell phone signal over larger areas or the entire park/forest. Having radios to stay in communication over longer distances is very handy."

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Derek to Scott

"I have known Scott since we met in high school. We became fast friends over a shared interest in electronics (class we met in) and other hobbies. He is like a brother to me. I was best man at his wedding. After I got my Technician ticket in May, he began showing an interest in ham radio as well. He tested for and received his Tech ticket just this month.

Scott is one of those people who would help out anyone in need, so by nominating him, I'm trying to help him out. Getting him started on his shack would be one of the best things I could do for him right now."


Prize - Digital Radio - Baofeng DM-1701

13. From W. K. to K. K.

"K., my dad, has dedicated his life to helping others in need. K. has been a volunteer member of Search and Rescue for as long as I can remember where's he has spent numerous hours searching for and rendering aid to lost and missing persons. He's a former member of the National Guard and a veteran of 3 deployments and several stateside missions giving back to our community. While being a member of these organizations he also pursued his dream of becoming a firefighter and has maintained his career as a firefighter in the civilian word for nearly 18 years. This year, he's fallen on some struggling times. He has been fighting with the VA for the health issues he's incurred while serving our country and is currently struggling to maintain the vehicle he needs to use to continue giving back to those around him. He has been a HAM Technician for 6 years and enjoys local ham NETS whenever possible but has been using am older out dated radio that was given to him 20 years ago. "

To Radioddity: "If possible please change the name of the recipient if chosen. K. is extremely humble and hates speaking of his issues or the service he has given to the community."

14. From Brenton W. to Larry S.

"I met Larry several months ago when I began volunteering with Emergency Management and town projects. Over the past 6 months I've come to know Larry as a good friend. He works the equivalent of 3 full time jobs helping others without any form of payment, always smiling, always laughing, and cheering others up.

He doesn't have a significant amount of income, but still gives generously of his time and resources. He can be found daily mowing lawns, cutting trees, repairing tornado sirens, delivering food and clothing to the homeless, and making numerous repairs to infrastructure around the city. When inclement weather and hazards are near, he's driving the streets and watching the skies to warn others of danger. Larry doesn't have a radio in his truck and currently using an old, retired fire department radio with minimal battery life. He uses the tools he has to help others and I would like to nominate my friend and co-volunteer, Larry, for this opportunity!

You won't find a more giving, generous, hard-working, dedicated person that is always giving of himself to others, putting the needs of others before his own. Larry embodies the meaning of sacrifice and giving. During this Thanksgiving holiday, I'm thankful for friends like this that truly make the world a better place."

To Radioddity: "What can I say?!? Great Quality Products at Superb Pricing and the Best Customer Service Around. In the unlikely event you ever have a problem, the Customer Service Team is quick to respond and resolve the issue. I can't say enough about the good products, service, and pricing you offer. My hat is off to you."

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Charles to Phoebe

"Phoebe is my 15 year old daughter and adventure junkie. We go hiking as a family , we watch the stars, shoot guns with our Radioddity S22 Ear muffs and learn about life. I have been wanting to get her and her mom into radios. I think the DMR Radioddity radio would be perfect for her. She likes gaming on her computer and playing with friends in California as we live in Georgia. DMR would allow her to communicate with friends across the U.S.A. She works very hard to keep an A grade point average at school. She was chosen for the National Honor Society. Phoebe is a great teen , who loves her friends, family , God and country. "

To Radioddity: "Radioddity you are an awesome company and friend to Ham Radio community. Happy 10th anniversary Radioddity , keep leading the way in technology. The world could not communicate with out you. Rod Atwell KO4PWB."
(Feedback image from Charles)

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Jennifer to Adam

"I have been sick for the past year both bedridden and in the hospital, Adam has worked his full-time job and taken care of the kids and myself without complaining. He has done everything he can possibly do to keep our house together and nurse me back to help, asking for nothing in return. He loves using the ham radio and if I could win this for him he would be so thankful, as would I since I can't get to the store to buy him anything."

To Radioddity: "Thank you for sponsoring such a nice giveaway. There truly is good in this world!"

Prize - $20 Gift Card

15. From Romano to Leann

"She is a radio amateur and has discovered that she has multiple sclerosis. She is my wife and I would like her to receive a gift that she likes."

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Greg to Michael

"Good friend for many years."


Prize - Radio/Hunting Accessories

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Noah to Clement

"He is passionate about radio, he was born for it."
(Feedback image from Noah)
(The S22 is out of stock in EU so we change the prize to a Raddy SW5)


Prize - Bluetooth Speaker

(Stage Two Sponsored by Radioddity Raffle) From Anna to Scott

"He can enjoy his music getting chemo treatments."

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