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Firmware changes:
1.Increase call permission tone
2.Grouplist is set to none, if the transmitting contact is a group call contact, the contact will also be automatically recognized and called.
3.Fix bug(When transmitting on a DMR channel with a contact above 256, the radio will place that call to the wrong contact.)
4. Fix bug(When entering the text from the radio keypad for SMS, channel name, contact name, etc. lower case text entry is OK, but upper case letters (capital / big letters) do not match with the keypad buttons. For example, pressing 2 should give A, B or C. But instead, it gives D, E or F.)
5. Fix bug(when analog FM receiving 55.2 Hz end of transmission 'STE' tone, GD-77 doesn't always quietly mute (ie: doesn't eliminate squelch tail). This seems dependant on the length of time the 55.2Hz tone is present. If the tone is present for 250mS then muting is 100% always noisy. If the tone is present for 350mS then muting is quiet about 50% of the time.)

CPS changes:
1.Fix bug(When using the radio menu to view scan channels in a scan list, any channels above 256 show as blank or corrupted. )
2. Fix bug(Activating scan in VFO mode by using menu results in error "Scan InValid").
3. Add a confirmation key before Read from the radio /Write into the radio.

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