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How to Activate Wifi & Bluetooth Function for Xiegu X6100?

Before activate the Wifi & Bluetooth function, please make sure your Xiegu X6100 have been updated at least to the new firmware 20211229. CLICK HERE to learn different versions' firmware update log.

WIFI Operation Instructions

SCAN: Scan for nearby Wi-Fi / hotspots (Access Point)
CONNECT/DISCONNECT: Connect/disconnect the hotspot in the left list.
EDIT: Edit the element selected by the orange box on the right.
CONFIG: Move the orange box to the next.
EXIT: Exit the interface.

1. SYSTEM SETTINGWLAN – press MFK knob to enter the Wi-Fi setting interface

2. Select a Wi-Fi to connect by rotating MFK – press

3. Press CONFIG to move to password – press EDIT to pop up the digital keyboard


4. Enter/delete password by rotating & press MFK knob


5. Click ENTER by rotating & press MFK knob to confirm password (important)


6. Press EDIT to exit the digital keyboard


7. Press CONNECT, please wait for about 10s


8. WiFi connected!


9. Press EXIT to exit the Wi-Fi interface


10. Wi-Fi connected confirmed!


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Bluetooth Operation Instructions

OFF/ON: Turn on/off the built-in Bluetooth function.
CONNECT/DISCONNECT: Connect/disconnect the selected Bluetooth device on the left.
EXIT: Exit the interface.
Note: When the built-in Bluetooth function is displayed as "ON", it will always scan the surrounding Bluetooth devices.

1. SYSTEM SETTINGBLUETOOTH – press MFK knob to enter the Bluetooth setting interface
(for the first time, it should take about 1 minute to scan Bluetooth device, please be patient; will be 5s only from second time.)

2. Select a Bluetooth device by rotating MFK – press CONNECT to connect
(please make sure your Bluetooth device is on)

3. Bluetooth connected!

4. Press EXIT to exit the Bluetooth interface


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