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How to Update Xiegu G90 Firmware? | 2020 Latest Guidance

This is the latest Xiegu G90 firmware update guidance for you all. With every new firmware releasing, more and more new features are available.

However, we are finding that some of the more aggressive Web Protection/Virus/Malware applications may be stripping the update and firmware files from the downloaded archive, or when the archive is extracted. The following link will allow you to download a certified virus-free Tera Term application used for the G90 update process.

RE: teraterm-4.105

On any executable application, Right-Clicking on the app will open a selection box in which Run as Administrator is an option. Selecting Run as Administrator will ask for your permission to let the app make changes to your computer - Click YES

You will next see this:

Click on the I accept the agreement option and click Next

You will be given the option to accept the default installation location or Browse for a new one:

Click Next

Accept the defaults and click Next

Select Language and click Next

Select default or Browse for Start Menu Folder and click Next

Select additional tasks/options and click Next

Confirm installation options and click Install

Select Launch Tera Term and click Finish

Open Device Manager, Click on Ports (COM & LPT)

Observe Port number -- Right-click on the USB Serial Port (COMx) --x is the Com Port Number.

Select Properties, then Port Settings. Confirm Bits per seconds is 115200. Click OK


In the Window for Tera Term New Connection, click on the Serial selection and confirm it matches the port number in Device Manager.

Click OK in the Tera Term New Connection Window.


The Tera Term Window opens.

Plug the Data Cable into the rear connector on the G90 labeled COM.


Click on the Setup tab at the top of the Tera Term Window and select Serial Port


Confirm the Speed is 115200 Click New Setting



With G90 connected to a 13.8 Volt DC Power source capable of at least 6 amps current capacity...

HOLD SPACEBAR DOWN and push the G90 Power button


Choose 1. Update FW

Erasing message and precent shown


When the old firmware is erased and the message displayed is Wait FW File,


In Tera Term Click File → Transfer → XMODEM → Send In that order


Select Main Unit firmware update file (download the latest firmware of Xiegu G90)


Check the 1K Option Box The transfer will not work if you do not do this!


Click Open





Remove power count to 5 and reconnect power

Remove the plug from the rear and insert in the lower left-hand socket on the Display Head

HOLD SPACEBAR DOWN and press G90 Power Button

The Display will be Blank from this point until completion

Select 1 Update FW

When the TeraTerm displays Wait FW File

In this order, select






Select Display Firmware file

Place a Check mark in the 1K Box


Click Open





IGNORE THE LOST COMM Message if it appears

On Completion, remove power from the G90 and count to 5

Re-Connect power to the G90. turn radio on

Hold Function button in for 2 seconds

Using the next button scroll to option 10 Version:

BASE V1.75
Sep 5 2020

APP V1.75
Sep 5 2020


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