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Radioddity QR20 Firmware Upgrade

CLICK HERE to download the firmware.

It is a relatively new method for you to update the firmware, please do read through the firmware update instructions before you update the firmware. (If not operated properly it may lead to damage to the radio)

Also, please do contact us if you have any confusion with the instructions before you operate. Here is the released note for your reference:

1、Change the firmware upgrade method to U disk upgrade. (BootLoader only need to update once)
2、Solved the crash caused by USBlib library
3、Updated Bluetooth APP control
4、Open 220M band limit
5、Add Bootloader version display
6、Optimize the effect of antenna tuning
7、Solve the app and CNSDR adaptation problem
8、Add battery status display
9、Fix DMR transceiver switching abnormality

All the needed file has been attached. (the original firmware file also be included and named as FW-old.bin)

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