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RD-5R General Scanning Settings

Two ways for RD-5R General Scanning Settings

-- provided by Jacob Lzk

The following operations need to do in the software

Set your scan list first

Click Setting Menu,

Section Scan checked Scan,

Section Basic - Double standby choose Double single


TreeViewScan, double click ScanList to set your own list. There are up to 32 channels you can add. Also unchecked Talkback.



1. Auto Scanning

TreeViewChannel, Section Scan List – Choose your list and checked Auto Scan.


Import settings into your radio, turn it on, the channel will start auto scanning. A period equals to 150ms of a list with 32 channels.


2. Manual Scanning

TreeView – Double Click Buttons,

Section SK1 choose Scan On/Off, to set Side key 1 as scan switch.


TreeViewChannel, Section Scan List – Choose your list and unchecked Auto Scan.

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  • Ted Forgach

    The Scan List has a maximum limit of 32 ’member" channels. Can this number be increased in the next CPS? For example: I like to be able to group my scan list by City and then by RF Band (VHF/UHF). I also have two (2) dmr RF repeaters, each with seven (7) talkgroups, so this requires 14 UHF dmr “members” or channels alone. Thus the maximum number of “member” channels makes a difference to me.

    In my City there are more than 32 VHF analog repeaters, plus more than 32 UHF analog repeaters.

    Making more than two (2) Scan Lists does not work on my RD-5R. Do the Scan Lists need to be grouped by Mode (Analog vs. dmr) separately?

    I am looking forward to your reply.

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