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How to Unlock TYT TH-9800 Frequency Range?

In order to meet the FCC policies, the frequency ranges of the TYT TH-9800 radios we sell are locked in 28-29.7Mhz, 50-54Mhz, 144-148MHz and 420-450MHz. But you can unlock the frequency range if your radio is produced before 2021.

Caution: Read your radio first and save the current configuration prior to the unlock procedure. It may be the only way to return the radio back to the stock frequency ranges.

Unlock Steps

1. Download and Open the TH-9800 programming software

2. Connect the TH-9800 radio to the computer and load("read") it to the software

3. Select Frequency Range from the Edit Tab.

4. When the Frequency Range window opens. . Press the Ctrl and the F11 key at the same time; then enter the password ''9800TYT''

(Note: On some Laptop Computers, the F11 Key may require the Function (FN) key to be used with the Ctrl key. If you have 3 commands available on the upper row of keys, yours may require the key with the same color as the F11 to be used with the CTRL and F11 keys)

5. Then Select the Edit button

6. Highlight the field you want to change and type in the new frequency.

Maximum Frequency Range:
- 26-33MHz (RX/TX) (AM band RX)
- 47-54MHz (RX/TX) (AM band RX)
- 136-174MHz (RX/TX)
- 400-480MHz (RX/TX)

7. When the editing is completed, save the changes and Write them to the radio.

8. Turn off the radio and then turn on it again. Now, it can work in the expected frequency range.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact Radioddity Support. Hope you enjoy your new radio!

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