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Xiegu G90 User Manual and Basic Operation (Updated: 2024)


The Xiegu G90 is a portable 20W HF SDR amateur radio transceiver with built-in auto antenna tuner. The display unit and the radio can be separated. It is a new member of the Xiegu product family and the first model of the new “G” series.

The G90 is a 24-bit @ 48kHz sampling rate SDR. It has excellent TX/RX performance and a highly configurable user interface.

• High-performance front end with narrowband pre-selection filters
• Covers the frequency range of 0.5~30MHz, SSB/CW/AM/ FM*
• 1.8 inch - high brightness color TFT LCD screen
• ±24k bandwidth spectrum and waterfall display
• Software-defined RX bandpass filters (CW mode down to 50Hz)
• Detachable Front display unit
• Up to 20W RF power output
• Built-in wide-range automatic antenna tuner
• Extensive Input/Output connections.
• Baseband I/Q output. Interface with any external device that can handle baseband I/Q, including sound card-based or PC-based applications.

The following are some basic settings of Xiegu G90. To get a better understanding of the G90's capabilities and functions, please read the full Xiegu G90 User Manual made by Radioddity.

Band Selection

The G90's frequency range covers 0.5 to 30 MHz. Amateur frequencies within this range are divided into 10 bands, and band switching can be performed in a number of different ways.

Operation method:
Press the BAND’s < or > button,Switch to the next or previous operating band separately.

• Each amateur band has a user-defined frequency range associated with it.
• The radio will be configured to allow 60 meter band operation if your country permits it.
• VFO-A and VFO-B are two independent VFO’s that can be set independently.

Operating Mode Selection
Pressing the [ MODE ] button increments through the available operating modes.


Note: The FM mode can only be turned on when used with the GSOC controller.


Volume Adjustment

Speaker mode

Rotate the volume knob left or right to adjust the level of received volume.

Headphone mode:
Press the volume knob inwards momentarily to enter headphone mode and mute the speaker.
Rotate the volume knob left or right to.

VOX mode on / off:

Press and hold the [FUNC] button for over 1 second.
Press the volume knob briefly to enter the VOX function settings.
VOX menu description:
VOX OFF/ON: VOX function off/on
VOX GAIN: Voice Control Gain Setting
ANTI-VOX: Hand mic speaker noise-trip suppression setting
VOX DLY: VOX hold delay setting

The voice control function can be enabled for both the hand microphone and the line input LINE.
This is handy for use when you only connect the RX and TX audio lines to the ACC.
This will Key the G90’s TX key the radio automatically using digital modes. (no CAT required)
When using the AF IN port of the ACC interface for line input audio, set the appropriate input volume level in the system menu.
This will have an effect on the VOX level setting- so set it first.

Setting Operating Frequency

There are three ways to set the G90 operating frequency. You can use the large main tuning knob, the multi-function knob and the microphone.

1. Set the tuning steps using the main knob
• Short press the main knob, select 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz steps.
• Rotate the main knob to set the frequency of the current step.

2. Rotate the Multi-function knob – 100khz increments

3. Set the frequency manually using the microphone:
• Press the [F-INP ENT] button on the microphone. The G90 enters the frequency setting state. The cursor will blink in the first position on the left side of the frequency display.
• Enter the frequency values you want to set, and then press the [F-INP ENT] button again to complete the frequency setting.

For example, set the current frequency to 14.09000MHz, and the key order is as follows:


Setting Automatic Antenna Tuner

This G90 has a high-efficiency automatic antenna tuner that can help you quickly set up your antenna.
• A short press of the [TUNE] button will activate the built-in antenna tuner. The "TUNE" logo will be displayed at the top of the screen. (tuner in-line)
• Press the [TUNE] button for 1 second and the tuner will attempt to tune the connected antenna. TheG90 will return to RX mode when tuning is complete.


1. Press the [TUNE] button and the antenna icon appears at the top of the screen to indicate that the automatic antenna tuner function is turned on. The ATU is ready- but the automatic Antenna tuning has not been initiated yet.
2. If you start transmission and the SWR icon on the top of the screen is blinking, the ATU needs to be used because the SWR is High.
3. Long-press the ATU button to activate the auto-tune function. If it is successful (can tune the antenna you are using) the antenna icon on the top will not blink during transmissions.
4. When using a whip antenna and turning on the built-in antenna tuner for tuning, it is possible to cause strong RF interference to nearby electronic devices.

Setting Function Button

The G90’s common functions are distributed on the various function keys. Some function keys have a second function. When the function is selected, turn the main knob to adjust the value.

Operation of the second function:
• Press the [FUNC] button at first, the “F” indicator will light, then press the corresponding function button.
• Press the [FUNC] button again to exit the second function. At this time, the “F” indicator is off.

Note: In any function (including the second function of FUNC), press the main knob inwards to exit and return to the main interface.

Button Function Table


Func1 (press,cycle)

Func 2(FUNC+)

Hold press






Turn on transmit voice compression

Digital filter F-L low-end frequency selection



Turn on Noise Blanker – on/off, Level, Width

Digital filter F-H high-end frequency selection




Turn on split frequency transceiver operation mode



Switch VFO / Memory

To be determined



Turn on channel storage

Turn on channel clear mode



Switch between VFO-A and VFO-B

Copy the current VFO to the background VFO



Turn on/off the auto antenna tuner


Start antenna tuner tuning


POWER            Transmit power setting

MIC GAIN          MIC gain setting


SWR THR   Standing wave protection threshold

INPUT             Voice input selection



SPEED         CW key speed setting

CW  Volume       Side-tone volume setting


M/L/R   Manual/automatic left and right mode switching

CW  TONE      Side-tone frequency setting

CW Decode

MODE      iambic A/B Mode switching



QSK       CW Break-In On/Off



QSK Time   CW QSK Hold Time Setting




5-level screen backlight brightness setting

SCALE   Spectrum reference level setting

Lock button,



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  • Arthur Weren

    Great practical ops manual. Any secret tips or hints on how to set the G90 up for “split” operations?

  • Jackson

    Hi Claus, you can download the latest manual from SUPPORT – XIEGU SECTION

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    Nils Young mentioned a new manual – new V4.1 G90 manual from June 2021
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