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Xiegu GSOC [SECOND PRESALE | Ship out before Dec. 3]

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CLICK HERE to download Latest Firmware V1.1
1) Orders will be shipped out before 12/03 with FW1.1
2) Ship to US, CA, AU, MX, JP.It will be sent from China with DHL free shipping
3) Ship to EU. Customs fee/tax not covered. Sent from China with DHL free shipping

Note: You need to upgrade your G90 to a minimum FW 1.74 in order to work with GSOC properly.

CLICK HERE to download GSOC Quick Operation Guide
CLICK HERE to leave you using feedback & suggestion.

2020/11/26 Firmware V1.1 Release:

CLICK HERE to download

1. Solved the CW sidetone delay problem
2. Solved the problem of unstable system and occasional crash
3. Added RTTY modem
4. Added CW decoder
5. Added SWR scanner
6. Added FFT/Waterfall level adjustment
7. Added FFT line/fill color mixer

2020/11/16 Scheduled Firmware Release Time:

1. Firmware will be provided on about 11/20

2. Crash during using will be solved by FW upgrade.

3. CW delay (now the delay has been shortened to tens of milliseconds, which will not affect normal use, engineers are doing further debugging.)

4. Decoding function of GSOC. (We have now turned on the decoding function.)

5. As for the interference problem of the extension cable, it is very small. This is related to the user's antenna system and grounding system. Many people have pointed out the solution to this problem.
. Add EMI magnetic ring to DB9 line.
. Add a magnetic ring and change to a shorter DB9 line.
. Strengthen the RF grounding to ensure that all RF power is radiated out through the antenna instead of reflecting back along the antenna cable.
. Do not use end-fed antennas if the RF grounding conditions are not good, otherwise, this problem cannot be completely solved.

If the above conditions are met, this has little to do with the quality of the cable. As long as the radio frequency signal emitted from the machine is not well radiated by the antenna system, it will be reflected back. If the grounding is good, the reflection of the returned RF signal will be bypassed to the ground and will not cause any impact. If the grounding is not good or is not grounded at all, then the reflected signal will inevitably interfere with peripheral equipment, not only the GSOC/G90/G1M, but also other , Such as computers/USB hubs and other devices.

Last, if you shorten the distance or use higher quality wires, there will be improvements. 

Next, we will further open more functions and open the source code of GSOC to create a user communication platform.

2020/11/13 Regarding GSOC Feedback:

1. The CW delay issue can be solved by FW upgrade.

2. NFM mode requires G90 to be upgraded to version 1.75 and above.

3. How to connect to X5105?
(1) Use MCX cable connect the IF port of X5105 to GSOC
(2) Plug the USB to 3.5mm cable to GSOC, the other end to X5105's COM port
(3) Select ON in the IF INPUT option in the GSOC SYSTEM menu
(4) Select ON in the IF OUT menu of X5105

Note: At present, GSOC only supports basic operations of X5105 (change frequency, mode, etc.). More advanced operations will be implemented in the new firmware. When GSOC is connected to X5105, the spectral waterfall function will be achieved. It cannot process audio signals from X5105 (This is the original design intention of GSOC, it cannot process the audio signal from the X5105, for the X5105 itself already has advanced DSP and modem functions).

4. Advanced DSP functions such as NR LEVEL, NF function can be added by firmware upgrade.

5. The functions in MODEM can provide PSK, CW, RTTY. Need firmware upgrade.

6. You can upgrade the firmware to allow out-of-band transmission (same as G90's out-of-band transmission modification method, if the customer's G90 host has already made this modification, you only need to upgrade the GSOC firmware)

7. App crash, black screen problem can be solved by FW upgrade.

8. GSOC's RFG only adjusts the G90 host, the new firmware will be changed to adjust both at the same time.

9. For the rest of the various feedback related to operating habits/software features not listed, we’ll solve them in the new firmware. At the same time, we’ll keep collecting user feedback and suggestion. The expected functions are easy to handle as long as they can be realized through software update.

10. The new firmware is under developing

The Xiegu GSOC is a universal controller product used for external control of Xiegu G90 radio. The GSOC is designed with expandability in mind. With firmware upgrades, its functions can be expanded to many additional capabilities.

GSOC consists of a baseband processing unit and an SDR receiving unit which is capable of receiving and processing IF signals and IQ signals and displaying content such as frequency spectrum, waterfall plot and demodulation information. The GSOC uses 24bit ADC sampling and processing.
Dimensions are W 8 ¾ H 4 ¾ D 1 ¾

The GSOC has a beautiful 7-inch Color Touch LCD screen. The GSOC has been designed with extra processing power and memory so it can expand into controlling future Xiegu radios and gain new desirable features as well.



• 200k bandwidth spectrum display and waterfall display

• 1024*600 7-inch color touch LCD screen

• Digital mode decoding capabilities

• Automatic voice call and preset message storage & sending

• Supports mouse & keyboard operating

• Dual-core eMMc application processor

• Built-in PSK, RTTY, CW digital mode

• RX & TX Multi-band Equalizers

• Easy two-wire connection to G90

• Fast frequency change & band selection

• Three user-programmable buttons

• Power design for future expansion


Q: Does it support wireless mouse? Do I need to install any operating system to use mouse and keyboard?
A: Xiegu GSOC supports any mouse including wire and wireless. Plug and play, you don't need to install anything.

Q: Does the GSOC have a built in sound card?
A: GSOC has 2 built-in sound cards.One is 24bit/192k, the other is 8-32bit/48k, both availavle for IQ demodulation and digital communication.

The GSOC is equipped with a high clock rate dual-core processor, large memory and built-in eMMc storage. This design combination offers strong and smooth operation.

As always, Xiegu offers unbeatable value for the money in advanced Amateur Radio equipment. We will make continuous free firmware updates which give you even more enjoyment of this wonderful product and hobby!




Features GSOC PX3
Screen Resolution 1024*600 800*600
Screen Type Touch Normal
Spectrum 192K 192K
Display Spectrum + Waterfall Together
Large Tuning Knob
Dual Controll Tuning Knob
Function Customized Knob & Keys
Processor eMMc application processor single chip memory

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What's in the box?

1 x Xiegu GSOC controller
1 x Power Cable
1 x COM/Data Cable
1 x I/Q Cable for G90
1 x G90 Connection Cable


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