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Xiegu GSOC Remote Controller | Touch Screen | Spectrum & Waterfall Display

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CLICK HERE to download Latest Firmware V1.3
Note: You need to upgrade your G90 to a minimum FW 1.74 in order to work with GSOC properly.

CLICK HERE to download GSOC lastes Quick Operation Guide / User Manual
CLICK HERE to learn how to use the Bluetooth to conenct GSOC to PC.
CLICK HERE to leave you using feedback & suggestion.
CLICK HERE to join the GSOC open source project.

How to Connect GSOC to Your PC via Bluetooth
Preparation: GSOC does not have a built-in Bluetooth adapter, thus users need to prepare a USB Bluetooth adapter first. The recommended model is CSR8510 A10. GSOC Settings: Plug the USB Bluetooth adapter to any USB port of GSOC. Click the connecting icon showing on the screen (the icon content is OFF LINE/G90 ONLINE/CAT ONLINE ) to pop up Bluetooth setting interface. 1. Turn on Bluetooth 2. Click SCAN to find the Bluetooth device list. 3. Click Connect/Disconnect button in the device list to connect/disconnect. Note: For the first time connection, you need to allow the connection on you PC. PC Setting: Operating system Windows 10 x64, PC is with built-in Bluetooth. 1. Settings ->Bluetooth & other devices -> Turn on Bluetooth function 2. Settings ->Bluetooth & other devices -> More Bluetooth options Check: ✔ Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC ✔Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect 3. Click COM Ports The GSOC BT ‘Serial Port’ is the correct port (COM8 in the image above). Connecting Software: At present Ham Radio Deluxe does not support Bluetooth port, we recommend you use flrig 1. Software Settings & Ports Config->Setup->Transceiver 1.1 Set the data as the image above. 1.2 Click Init button to finish the Bluetooth connection. Note: Due to uncertain factors such as the delay of the Bluetooth serial port, signal-to-noise ratio and other uncertain factors, occasionally unsuccessful situations may occur during the connection. At this time, just click the Init button to try again. If the error is still reported, please try closing flrig and repeat the above process 2. Connecting Interface  
Xiegu GSOC Teardown | Open Source Project Begins
by Micah Dubinko from GitHub gsoc-contrib wiki (Xiegu GSOC Open Source Project Begins!)   The Xiegu GSOC is marketed as a "Universal" controller and data terminal. Let's see how universal it is. Disclaimer: I'm working off a dataset of one. Some of the oddities I observed may well be specific to the particular unit I have (which is a warranty replacement--not sure whether this is fresh off the factory line, or somehow otherwise refurbished). If you have additional info, I'll include it here. If you're worried about breaking the warranty sticker, there's a fair bit that you can see just by removing the endcaps and maybe using a flashlight. How you can help: Send me a screen shot (or just manually copy the text) of the initial boot-up screen, immediately after the U-Boot line. My original pre-order unit did not say CubieBoard2, but the replacement one did. Although it also had a different firmware version. Do you get a Cubieboard2 line on boot? Let me know, along with when you received your unit & firmware version.     Fig 1: Outer shell, right endcap. Unless noted, all fasteners require a 2mm hex driver.   Fig 2: Peeking inside right endcap.    Fig 3: Outer shell, left endcap.   Fig 4: Peeking inside left endcap. Careful. With endcaps off, the entire back panel can easily come away.   Fig 5: Back side. The entire back face hinges open (held only by the warranty sticker.)   Fig 6: Revealing the backside interface board.   IMPORTANT NOTE: the indicated fastener (upper left) can NOT be removed from this side--there is an inaccessible nut holding it in place. In general, if a hex bolt seems too difficult to turn, look for another way in. • Visible silicon: • Cirrus Logic CS4272 28-pin SSOP - 24-Bit, 192 kHz Stereo Codec • 5351 popular RF clock generator • N5532 low noise op amp (2x) • 4075-2 A#846 3288 ultra low noise amplifier (2x) • LM386 audio amplifier near speaker connector • 4925D p-channel power mosfet (reverse polarity protection) • 5066 J8657 RF module • LTGKR LT3999 DC/DC driver • DB2SP LMR14020 Simple Switcher 40V 2A 2.2MHz Step-Down Converter Topmost relay has visible burn marks or maybe flux? Note the separate ground planes on the power supply and RF sections of the board, with generous isolation. The several bare parts of the board allow one to see through the board against a strong light. This is a two-layer board. The DB9 connector seems to basically match that on the display-head of a G90, as the GSOC here plays the same role. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Pin 1 = +V (powers a 3.3v regulator that seems to feed some nearby protection (?) circuits * Pin 2 = snakes off to the other board. Serial? Pin 3 = NC? Pin 4 = snakes off to the other board. Power signal? Pin 5 = GND (system ground; isolated from DC input ground & RF ground) Pin 6, 7 = incoming audio from rig -- leads to input side of a low noise amp Pin 8, 9 = outgoing audio to rig -- leads to output side of a low noise amp * There is a fair amount of what looks like protection circuitry around pins 2, 6-9; SOT-23-5 package with no connection on pin 1 & GND on pin 3. Marking code "V5"... I can't identify the component... There is some modest reverse-polarity protection as the very first component on the incoming positive power line. Still wouldn't recommend testing it, though. The area around the rectangular yellow transformer, which seems to be a switching power supply, has markings and clips for an RF shield, though none present. The speaker has a 1.25mm pitch (JST GS) connector. Oddly, the red wire is connected to the analog ground. Not a big deal for an otherwise isolated monophonic speaker, but weird.   Fig 7: Behind the front panel   Pull off both of the nested knobs on the front panel, and with 4 more 2mm hex screws removed from the top and bottom faces, the front panel will pull away. Disconnect the (extremely nice!) custom rotary encoder attached to the front panel, and put the whole panel aside. Remove 3 2mm hex screws from nearby the rotary encoder, and 2 1.5mm hex screws on the opposite end of the board. I removed the front facing ones, leaving the back ones in tact. Note that along the bottom are two very fragile flat flex connectors for the LCD and touchscreen. Take care not to tear these. The front and back boards are held together with a 2x25 connector, that requires a significant amount of force to separate. Carefully pull the two boards apart, being careful not to bend the pins.    Fig 8: Backside of the front board   This is a 4-layer board. Near the rotary controller, the red wire drops into a via that doesn't go anywhere on the other side, and it shows continuity to the 3v3 bus. There is a noticeable bodge on the smaller ribbon cable/flex PCB for the touchscreen. Immediately visible silicon: • STM32 F103C8T6 Cortex M3 microcontroller • GT811 taped inside smaller FPC - touch screen controller • PCF8563 real time clock And wow, that's a CR1220 lithium battery buried all the way down here. Note unpopulated connector footprints & flat flex connectors. The top-right footprint might be USB micro/OTG. Along the bottom edge next to the rotary encoder cutout is a two pin connector. Battery?? And on either side of the populated flat flex connectors, are two more unpopulated ones. One might be an alternate LCD connector. Not sure what the other might be for. The LCD connector is a 40-pin Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) connection, directly supported by the A20. The connections head over to the the lower-left side of the central module. The opposite side of this board is almost entirely covered by an LCD panel that is quite aggressively stuck down, further complicating the tracing of any vias through the PCB.   Fig 9: Einstein A20 board. Shown rotated 180 from previous figure. Pin 1 is on the extreme lower-left.   Fig 9.1 Compare with this pre-release image released by the company:   In situ, the shield (with original fingerprints) was already partially off. If this is common outcome of the manufacturing process, it might help explain some of the RF spurs users have reported. The central castellated board is identified in boot messages as a Cubieboard2, and in fact is an Einstein A20 variant of the Cubieboard. These go for $59 on Ali Express. Note the unpopulated RF connectors. Even if this board supports wifi, there are no antennas to be seen. (Not that they'd work well inside a metal box.) It has 200 pins, with pin one indicated on the top row at the right. I wonder what those tactile switches would do to a running GSOC... The RX and TX lines run out to the edge of the board, to an unpopulated connector. Visible silicon: • Allwinner A20 dual core Cortex A7 + GPU • 2x SKhynix H5TQ4G63CFR (NWMGU501HN) SDRAM DDR3 each 4Gib (gigabit) for a total of 1GiB (gigabyte) RAM • FORESEE NCEMAM6G-08G eMMC (basically flash) storage -- this appears to be 8GiB (gigabytes) • AXP209 power management • metal can AP6210 -- an apparently unused Wifi + Bluetooth module Every product spec says there is 4GB of storage, but physically here we have 8. There may be a software limitation or inaccessible partition. Will need to get shell access to be sure!  Fig 10: For completeness, the opposite side of the back board, finally freed from the metal chassis.   No idea what kind of trauma was inflicted on those solder connections for the DB9 connector... Call to action: help me write new firmware for this project. If you have knowledge about embedded Linux or just a willingness to learn, contact me! Xiegu GSOC Open Source Project

2021/03/01 Open Source Group:
CLICH HERE to join github group and discuss

2021/01/18 Firmware V1.3 Release:

CLICK HERE to download

1. Add Bluetooth serial port
2. Add Full Reset Button in system menu
3. Reduce CW side tone latency (with G90 MainUnit FW V1.77)

2020/11/26 Firmware V1.1 Release:

CLICK HERE to download

1. Solved the CW sidetone delay problem
2. Solved the problem of unstable system and occasional crash
3. Added RTTY modem
4. Added CW decoder
5. Added SWR scanner
6. Added FFT/Waterfall level adjustment
7. Added FFT line/fill color mixer

The Xiegu GSOC is a universal controller product used for external control of Xiegu G90 radio. The GSOC is designed with expandability in mind. With firmware upgrades, its functions can be expanded to many additional capabilities.

GSOC consists of a baseband processing unit and an SDR receiving unit which is capable of receiving and processing IF signals and IQ signals and displaying content such as frequency spectrum, waterfall plot and demodulation information. The GSOC uses 24bit ADC sampling and processing.
Dimensions are W 8 ¾ H 4 ¾ D 1 ¾

The GSOC has a beautiful 7-inch Color Touch LCD screen. The GSOC has been designed with extra processing power and memory so it can expand into controlling future Xiegu radios and gain new desirable features as well.



• 200k bandwidth spectrum display and waterfall display

• 1024*600 7-inch color touch LCD screen

• Digital mode decoding capabilities

• Supports mouse & keyboard operating

• Dual-core eMMc application processor

• Built-in PSK, RTTY, CW digital mode

• RX & TX Multi-band Equalizers

• Easy two-wire connection to G90

• Fast frequency change & band selection

• Three user-programmable buttons

• Power design for future expansion


Applicable model: G90
Operating temperature scope: 0°C ~ +50°C
Frequency stability: ±1.5ppm in the 10~60min after startup
@25°C: 1ppm/hour
Supply voltage: 10.5~16.5VDC, negative electrode grounding
Current consumption: 600mA @ Max
Display screen resolution: 1024*600
Touch screen type: Capacitive
Spectral sensitivity: -120dBm ± 3dB
Audio output: 0.5W (8Ω, ≤10%THD)
Earphone output impedance: 16~32Ω
Size: 230*130*45mm (excluding projection)
Weight: about 1.2kg / 2.65lb (only host)



Q: Does it support wireless mouse? Do I need to install any operating system to use mouse and keyboard?
A: Xiegu GSOC supports any mouse including wire and wireless. Plug and play, you don't need to install anything.

Q: Does the GSOC have a built in sound card?
A: GSOC has 2 built-in sound cards.One is 24bit/192k, the other is 8-32bit/48k, both availavle for IQ demodulation and digital communication.

The GSOC is equipped with a high clock rate dual-core processor, large memory and built-in eMMc storage. This design combination offers strong and smooth operation.

As always, Xiegu offers unbeatable value for the money in advanced Amateur Radio equipment. We will make continuous free firmware updates which give you even more enjoyment of this wonderful product and hobby!




Features GSOC PX3
Screen Resolution 1024*600 800*600
Screen Type Touch Normal
Spectrum 192K 192K
Display Spectrum + Waterfall Together
Large Tuning Knob
Dual Controll Tuning Knob
Function Customized Knob & Keys
Processor eMMc application processor single chip memory

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What's in the box?

1 x Xiegu GSOC controller
1 x Power Cable
1 x I/Q Cable for G90
1 x G90 Connection Cable


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